Taunton and District Table Tennis League

Revised 2013                                           (Established 1932)


1.1       This League shall be designated the Taunton and District Table Tennis League. 

1.2       The Taunton and District Table Tennis League shall be affiliated to the  Table Tennis England and the Somerset County Table Tennis Association.

1.3       Teams will be grouped in divisions each not exceeding 13 in number.


2.1       Application by teams for admission to the league must be made in writing to the League Secretary (on the appropriate form -Appendix 1). A deposit of £5 must also be paid which shall be returned if the team leaves the league, subject to any penalties which may have been imposed through breach of other rules.

2.2       All affiliation registration fees and deposits shall be paid to the Treasurer by the FOURTH SATURDAY IN OCTOBER each season.  Any team whose fees are not paid by that date will then forfeit all points won whilst these fees remain unpaid.  The fees that shall be paid include, but are not limited to:-

            Table Tennis England Membership     (May be paid direct to ETTA)

            SCTTA Affiliation

            Taunton and District Table Tennis League Affiliation

            Player Registration Fees

            Cup Competition Fees

2.3       Any late application to register a player will be accepted at the discretion of the Committee. A reserve player may pay a registration fee of ONE THIRD of the full annual subscription for up to THREE matches after which time they shall be considered a fully registered player

2.4       Each team is expected to provide to the Committee in writing, and no later than the 31st. July, the following details which shall be circulated to the team secretaries before the start of the season:-

            The name it wishes itself to be know by in the League

            The night on which it plays its HOME games

            The Venue at which it plays its HOME games

3.         OFFICERS

3.1       The League shall appoint a President and Vice Presidents (subject to their willingness to serve).

3.2       The affairs of the League shall be governed by an Executive Committee.  This committee shall meet at least once every two months during the playing season.

3.3       The Executive Committee shall consist of the following members


            Vice Chair



            Divisional Secretaries

            Up to 5 ordinary members who shall be elected at the AGM, or co-opted by the committee if there are vacancies.

3.4       A Council of the League may also be convened at the Committee’s discretion or upon receiving SEVEN days notice from a team secretary.  In the latter case, the Committee, which may act through the Chair, shall require to be satisfied that there is good reason for such a meeting to be called.  Such Council may be attended by ONE representative of each team.  The need to be satisfied of good reason for a meeting to be called shall not be required where this is to hear an appeal under Rule 4.4

3.5       The names of the proposed Officers and Committee Members along with the names of the Proposer and Seconder shall be sent to the League Secretary not less than SEVEN days before the advertised date of the AGM.

3.6       The Quorum of the committee shall be 50% of the elected members (rounded up)

3.7       At the beginning of each playing season, the Committee may appoint a ‘Selection Sub-Committee’ which shall have the power to co-opt members and which shall have executive power to select teams to represent the League in ALL matches


4.1       The elected Committee, subject to any regulations made elsewhere in these rules, have the delegated authority to carry out the business of the league including the power to penalise or suspend any team and/or player for the breach of these rules proven to the satisfaction of the committee.

4.2       All fines imposed must be paid within FOURTEEN days. 

4.3       Any team who successfully appeals against the Committees’ decision in accordance with Rule 4.1 shall have the fine refunded in full

4.4       Any team and/or player penalised under Rule 4.1 have the right to appeal to a Council of the League as defined in Rule 3.4 and, if necessary, to the SCTTA or Table Tennis England

4.5       Notice of any such appeal under Rule 4.4 shall be made to the League Secretary in writing giving the grounds for the appeal.  A Council of the League shall then be convened within FOURTEEN days of receipt of such appeal.

4.6       The Committee shall have powers to apply, act upon and enforce the rules of the league and shall also have jurisdiction over ALL matters affecting the league, including any not directly provided for in these rules. 

4.7       At the beginning of the season, new teams shall be placed in the division considered appropriate by the Committee


5.1       A player shall register with one team only and shall not transfer to another team during one playing season.  In exceptional circumstances the committee retain the right to sanction changes to this rule.

5.2       A player registered with a LOWER division team shall be allowed to play for ONE HIGHER division team, for a MAXIMUM OF 3 GAMES, without being disqualified as a player for the LOWER division team.

5.3       No more than ONE player from the Lower division may play for any HIGHER league team on the same night.

5.4       A player shall only be permitted to play for ONE team any one match night

5.5       If a team plays an unregistered player or a player disqualified under Rule 5.1 who has not been reinstated or transferred under that rule, all sets in which the ineligible player played shall be awarded to the opposing teams.


6.1       The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held before the end of JULY each year.

6.2       Any person is entitled to attend the AGM.

6.3       Only members of teams who were registered with the Taunton and District Table Tennis League in the previous season and elected committee members shall be entitled to vote. ONE member of any proposed new club may also be entitled to vote.

6.4       An Honorary Auditor shall be appointed at each Annual General Meeting or, if found necessary during the season, may be appointed by the Committee

6.5       In the event of any alteration to these rules being deemed necessary, notice shall be sent, in writing, to the League Secretary on or before JUNE  1st.  The Honorary Secretary shall then inform all other clubs at the time of giving notice of the Annual General Meeting.

6.7       Proposed amendments to these rules submitted to the Annual General Meeting may themselves be amended in detail but not in principle by a majority vote of those members attending the AGM and entitled to vote at the meeting.

6.8       These rules shall be amended at an Annual General Meeting only, unless 50% of the teams in the league request an EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING.  Such a meeting shall be held as soon as possible after  the request has been made, subject to all team secretaries being given at least two week’s notice of the meeting, and the purpose for which it has been called, in particular of any rule changes being proposed.


7.1       The Executive committee shall award a League badge to any member who represents the League in a minimum of FIVE matches at either SENIOR or JUNIOR level.

7.2       Any player awarded a League badge under Rule 3.7 shall be entitled to display that badge affixed to his/her playing apparel.  If the badge has been awarded for playing in junior representative matches, a JUNIOR FLASH shall also be worn with the badge

7.3       Trophies shall remain the property of the League except where specific provision is made otherwise

7.4       Trophies and Awards shall be presented annually to the winners of the respective divisions as well as to individual players as the committee deem appropriate


8.1       The Taunton and District Table Tennis League may be dissolved by a vote of the majority of members attending and entitled to vote at either the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.

8.2       A minimum of ONE MONTH notice of intention to dissolve the Taunton and District Table Tennis League shall be given to team secretaries.

8.3       Any funds remaining following a vote to dissolve the Taunton and District Table Tennis League will be donated to the Somerset County Table Tennis Association, or in the event of their closure, to another local sporting charity to be decided upon by the committee

9.         FIXTURES

9.1       Each fixture shall be played at the HOME teams venue on the HOME teams playing night in the week indicated by the fixture list printed in the member’s handbook.  There is no expectation for the HOME team to contact the AWAY team to confirm this fixture. A change of the home night or venue may be approved by the committee. In that case, the Home Team Secretary must inform each of the other teams in the division of the change in writing immediately, giving at least fourteen days notice of the change.

9.2       Any team shall only be allowed to alter the date of a match on two occasions(any match played earlier than the published date shall NOT be considered altered). On the third, and each subsequent, occasion they will incur a TWENTY POINT penalty.  In the event of severe disruption due to weather conditions or other circumstances the committee may waive this rule for the duration of the disruption.

9.3       In the event of a cancellation for whatever reason, the match should be re-arranged at the earliest convenience.

9.4       A Team Secretary shall have the right to not less than SEVEN DAYS notice of the opposing teams wish to change the date or venue of a match, or to not less than 48 HOURS notice of the intention to postpone a match.  A team secretary may waive their rights under this section.

9.5       Any team failing to arrive to play a match on the due or agreed date shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £5 at the discretion of the Executive Committee, and in the event of a repetition of the offence, to expulsion from the league

9.6       The failure of a team to arrive for a match shall be reported to the divisional match secretary by the OPPOSING team secretary by the date which the score sheet for the match is due

9.7       If a team arrives with ONE or TWO players, the result shall stand with the full team gaining the points for the un-played games

9.8       Score sheets are supplied by and shall be used for all League matches and shall be submitted to the appropriate divisional secretary by the HOME team on or before the Saturday after the match. Repeated failure to observe this rule will result in a deduction of points. If a postponement is agreed, the team which isn’t postponing will fill in a postponement form, provided by the league, and send it to the divisional secretary on or before the Saturday after the match.

9.9       Matches shall commence not later than the start time stated in the fixture list and ALL players must be in attendance at that time. Any team not prepared to start at this time, unless otherwise agreed by both captains, shall forfeit one set for each complete 15 MINUTES by which the start of the match is delayed. An alternative start time may be accepted by the committee.

9.10     It shall be the responsibility of the HOME TEAM in any match to decide, before the start of the set, whether to apply the expedite rule, or to reduce some sets to the best of three games, to ensure completion of the match within the available playing time.

9.11     If a match is not completed within the normal available playing time then, subject to RULE 9.10 the HOME team shall forfeit the points for any unplayed sets to their opponents.

9.12     League matches shall consist of NINE singles and TWO doubles sets.

9.13      A team shall consist of THREE players for the purpose of singles with the option of introducing additional players for the doubles. 

9.14     Each of the three singles players from the HOME side shall play the three singles players from the AWAY side.  

 9 .15     One set shall comprise the best of FIVE games of ELEVEN points in singles.

9.16     There shall be TWO sets of doubles which shall be the best of FIVE games of ELEVEN points.

9.17     The order of play shall be as follows.  The HOME side shall be X,Y,Z and the AWAY side shall be A,B,C

            1st Set             X vs A

            2nd Set            Y vs. B

            3rd Set            Z vs. C

            4th Set                         Doubles

            5th Set            X vs. B

            6th Set            Z vs. A

            7th Set            Y vs. C

            8th Set                         Doubles

            9th Set            Z vs. B

            10th Set           X vs. C

            11th Set           Y vs. A

9.18     The HOME team shall, before the match, insert on the scorecard the name of its players, both singles and doubles

9.19     The AWAY team shall then complete the card by inserting the names of its players

9.20     The HOME team is responsible for scoring throughout the match

9.21     Any variation of the order of play to be permitted only in exceptional circumstances and be agreed by BOTH captains

9.22     ONE point shall be awarded for each game won

9.23     In each division, the team with the most points at the end of the playing season shall be divisional champions.  In the event of a tie, divisional champions shall be decided by:

            Matches won

            Results of matches between the tying teams

            Result of games in the matches between the tying teams

            Number of points won in those matches

            If these do not decide the places then a play-off match will be arranged at a neutral venue

9.24     At the end of each season, at least the top teams in Division One and lower divisions shall be promoted to the next higher division and the bottom teams in each division, except the lowest, shall be relegated to the next lowest, with a maximum of two teams promoted or relegated.

9.25     In the event of a tie promotion and relegation shall be decided by:

            Matches won

            Result of matches between the tying teams

            Result of games in those matches between the tying teams

            Number of points won in those matches

            If these do not decide the places then a play-off match shall be played at a neutral venue

9.26     This is subject to the provision that the Executive Committee shall have the power to retain teams in their existing divisions or to promote additional teams.

9.27     The playing season shall end on the Saturday TWO WEEKS after the last playing week recorded in the fixture list.

9.28     Score sheets for matches played in the last week of the playing season must be sent to the appropriate divisional secretary so as to be received by them not later than the next following Saturday.

9.29     If score sheets are received by the divisional secretaries AFTER the date in Rule 9.28 the Home team may lose the points for that match.

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