Handicap Cup Rules


1.         All sets will be of two games played up to 21, the winner being the first to score 21, even if the other player has scored 20 points.

2.         There shall be 9 sets of singles and one of doubles.

3.         At the beginning of each singles game, each player will start from a score equal to his or her handicap. However, where both players have minus handicaps they will start from the net handicap ie-11v-11 would start at 0v0 or -8v-11 would start at 0v-3.Where plus handicaps are in place each player will start from a score equal to his or her handicap and also where a minus v plus score they will also start from the published handicaps. 

4.         In a doubles game the teams will start on a score equal to their combined handicaps divided by two. In the event that this produces a score ending in ½, then they will start one game on the average plus a half and one on the average minus a half.

5.         The winner of each game will score a point.

6.         If the player or pair with the higher handicap wins both games in the set, they will gain a bonus point. The bonus point will be applied if there is a difference of 4 or more points between both players' handicaps.

7.         The winning side will be the one with most points

8.         After the group round, in the event of a tie, there shall be a further doubles set of a single game, each side using a different doubles pairing to that in the previous set. If the average handicap is ½ for either side, then the half will be made up. For the avoidance of doubt, -1 is higher than -2, so -1½ would become -1.

9.         Games should be played in the correct order.

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