doubles cup result - preliminary round


  All six results are in from the handicap doubles cup preliminary matches.  There are now 16 remaining teams to compete in the first round, week commencing December 11.


  1.  Spital Mondays vs.  Netherseal Willow.        Win -- Netherseal Willow

  2.  Netherseal Birch vs. Netherseal Cedar.        Win -- Netherseal Cedar

  3.  Lichfield Jets vs.  Hopwas Jokers.                    Win -- Lichfield Jets 

  4.  Spital Daredevils vs. Moorgate Marauders.  Win -- Spital Daredevils

  5.  Lichfield Rockets vs.  Lichfield Barons.           Win -- Lichfield Rockets

  6.  Rugby Bennetts Cruisers vs.

                                   Netherseal Oak.                                                                  Win --   Rugby Bennetts Cruisers
















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