The Handicap Doubles Cup - some new players now have a proper TT England ranking

The rules for this cup are as in previous years. Nine doubles sets, consisting of two games to 21 points.        Handicaps are as published this year by table tennis England. 


1. Netherseal Willow vs. Lichfield Rockets.

2. Spital Mondays vs. Lichfield Musketeers.

3. Netherseal Ash vs. Netherseal Cedar.

4. Spital Daredevils vs. Bennetts Cruisers.

5. Lichfield Barons vs. Netherseal Birch.

6. Tamworth Wheelers Pongers vs.  Curdworth Wheelers Pingers


 The other 10 teams taking part, have a bye to the next round.



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