Match No 17 - Mar 09 - Mar 12

 There was a change of leadership at the to top of Division 1 this week.  A 9 - 1 win for Tamworth Youth Club Wiff Waffs against Curdworth Wheelers Pingers, who were one player down, saw them nudge one  point into the lead.  Jack Styring and Jody Bevington won  both their games for Wiff Waffs and the doubles. Adrian Jones added the final point.  Netherseales had a tremendous 10 - 0 victory over Kingsbury Tornadoes, at home. Danny Sullivan,  Andy Rose and Simon Hall all scored a maximum three games each. Previous division leaders Wilnecote Raiders managed an impressive 8 - 2 win against Netherseal Cedar. Three games for John Birbeck and two each for Steve Atkinson & Andy Bache, were not enough to keep them at the top.

 In Division 2, current leaders. Lichfield Jets suffered a rare 7 - 3 loss to Netherseal Oak. This still leaves them a few points clear at the top of division 2 but Pete Jamieson & Brian Hagger played well to score three points out of three for Netherseal and win the doubles game too.  Another 7 - 3 result came about when  Curdworth Wheelers Pongers beat Hopwas Jokers B. David Bree, Richard Grove and Pete Bromley won two games apiece but it was Hopwas B's Bill Lakin who stepped up to beat all three of them on the night. Lichfield Knaves had a close 6 - 4 win againstTamworth Rucby Club Kings, thanks to three points being secured by new signing Jameel Mann. The fourth Div 2 match ended ih a draw between Hopwas Jokers A and Spital Daredevils. The even scoreline saw Martin and Alistair Tallis for Hopwas A win two games each & Paul Bowler and Stafford Brooks do exacctly the same for Spital.

 Rugby Oddballs remain strong favourites in Division 3, securing a further 8 - 2 victory this week, they beat Kingsbury Cruisers at Tamworth YouthCclub. Dave Storr provided a maximum three points, as did Kevin Wright. John and Andy Lowe scored the two points for Kingsbury.  Lichfield Musketeers also had an 8 - 3 victory over Tamworth  Youth Club Talentz. Alan Thorne was top scorer winning all his games. Tamworth Lambs had a win against Lichfield Rockets. James Shaw got a hat-trick for the Lambs but in return Claire Sykes & Christopher Davis scored two each for The Rockets. Finally Netherseal Ash beat Spital Mondays 7 - 3. Netherseal's  Graham Clarke  and George Parry  won all their three games while it was all three Spital players who claimed one point each. These being John Brookes, Paul Watkins and Ian Sketchley. 

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