Match No 16 - Mar 02 - Mar 05

             There were 3 matches played in the division one league this week. The new contenders for the top spot, Tamworth Wheelers Wiff waffs took on Netherseales and secured an 8 - 2 victory, thanks to maximum three game wins for Jody Bevington and Jack Styring. Tamworth Youth Club Wanderers had a high scoring 9 - 1 win over Netherseal Cedar. this time it was Brian Beer and Matt Satchwell who scored three points each. A closer match was that between Curdworth Wheeler Pingers and Lichfield Kings and Queens. Curdworth won   6 - 4, with Rob Rowson and Gary Nash taking two games each, but it was Di St Ledger for Lichfield who beat everyone, to win three points for them.             

              In Division 2, the leaders Lichfield Jets had another 10 - 0 win, in a home Derby with Lichfield Knaves. Mark Balant, Harry Emberson & Jack Gillespie were all on top form for the Jets. Spital Daredevils had a convincing win too, with a 9 - 1 result against Curdworth Wheeler Pingers. Stafford Brooks and Alan Baker were the max scorers for Spital. The same 9 - 1 score, was produced in the match between Netherseal Oak & hopwas B. Pete Jamieson and Brian Hagger both won their three games. Tamworth Rugby Club Kings claimed a 6 - 4 victory over Hopwas A, who played despite being a man down. Johnathan Pilling won the two games he had for The Kings & Ian Gould won one to add to the three given forfeit points.

                 The matches in Division 3 included another 10 - 0 triumph for Tamworth Rugby Club Oddballs. Dave storr, Ron Simpson and Kevin wright took all the games on the night when they played Tamworth Youth Club Talentz away. Netherseal Ash had a good contest against Tamworth Youth Club Lamb, they eventually just won 6 - 4. Graham Clarke and Mick Sherratt scored two points each for Netherseal but it was James Shaw for Tamworth who beat everyone on the night. New signing Alex Macdonald was there to claim the fourth point. Lichfield Musketeers beat stable mates Lichfield Rockets 7 - 3. Peter collins, Alan Thorne & John Bell won two games a piece and Bell & Collins made it up to 7 by winning the doubles game as well. Finally there was a draw between Spital Mondays and Kingsbury Cruisers. John Brookes was the three out of three winner for Spital and Andrew Brown & John Lowe won two games each for Kingsbury.

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