End of November 2014 - Division 3

 In Division 3 Tamworth Rugby Club Oddballs have a good lead on 48 points over Lichfield Musketeers on 40 points. Both teams have already played 6 matches this season. This week in Div. 3, there were three matches played. There was a brilliant 5 - 5 draw between the new Tamworth Youth Club Talentz team and Lichfield Rockets.. With many hard fought games, the final result gave Ellis Kessterton and Rhys williams from Talentz their first wins of the season. The other player in this Junior team. Hayden wooton, got the full house and won all his 3 games. Christopher Davis and Zoran Djurkovic both won 2 games each for the Rockets and Rebecca Davis joined Christopher to win the doubles. The other two matches shared the same 8 - 2 final score. The Rugby Club Oddballs beat Tamworth Lambs. with Keith Pratt doing the honors and winning his threegames for The Oddballs. In the other match, Lichfield Musketeers beat Spital Mondays and it was Alan Thorne who got the hat-trick this time!

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