Week Fifteen

Week 15 of the Tamworth and District Table Tennis Association and title challengers Netherseals showed their intentions with a 10-0 victory over Wilnecote Raiders.  Although Ryan Birbeck took each set to the last game, the Netherseal team of Simon Hall, Jason Hadley and Matt Satchwell proved too strong on the night.  This result probably ends Wilnecote’s hopes of winning the title, but sets up a close last few weeks between the Seals and Hopwas Panthers at the top of the table.  True to form, Hopwas responded with a 10-0 whitewash when they played Lichfield Kings and Queens.  Alan Caffery, Trevor Davies and Martin Round played well and did not drop a game, meaning they still remain at the top of the table. In a closer match, Spital Daredevils beat Kingsbury Tornadoes 6-4.  Kingsbury were at a disadvantage, as they could only field two players, Nigel Thompson and Karl Oliver.  Karl scored a brace, and Nigel won one of his games for Tornadoes.  The Spital trio of Stuart Spalding, Claire Baker and Jonathan Pilling all won two games each.

In Division Two, Netherseal Cedar beat Curdworth Wheelers Pongers 9-1. Steve Farrington and Gary Carr were unbeaten for Cedar, while Charles Goodall won two games, beaten only by Curdworth’s Pete Bromley.  Kingsbury Pumas beat two-man Lichfield Barons 8-2.  Ben Musson and Dan Granfield were undefeated for Pumas, while Karl Turner and John Henson each scored a single for Barons.  Lichfield Knaves beat Tamworth Youth Club Future 7-3.  Michael Bree scored a hat-trick for the Future, but it was not enough to secure the win, as the Lichfield team of Mark Balant, Jack Gillespie and Dave Russell each scored doubles.  There was also a 7-3 score when Rugby Kings were victorious against Hopwas Jokers.  Jonathan Pilling scored a treble for Kings, assisted by a brace from Dean Snowden and a Ron Simpson single.  Martin Tallis won two sets for Jokers, and Mick Fleetwood scored a single, but it was not enough to level the match.  Netherseal Oak comprehensively beat Rugby Oddballs 10-0.  Brian Haggar, Andy Pearce and Mike Harker were too strong for the Oddballs, who could only field two players.

In Division Three, Kingsbury Cruisers beat TYC Lambs 6-4.  John Howell and Steve Gardner scored doubles for Cruisers, while James Shaw could not be beaten for Lambs.  Isobel Morrell and Matt Thompson both scored singles.  Netherseal Ash beat TYC Noobs 9-1.  George Parry and John Pope could not be beaten for Netherseal, and Graham Clarke scored a brace, beaten by Ryan Coady.  Lichfield Musketeers beat TYC China Whites 7-3.  Luke Sargent and Morgan Sykes played well for Musketeers, winning all that they playedames, while the China Whites team of Alex Farrell, Sue Bates and Belinda Forster each scored singles, beating Lee Sargent. 

Author: via Tamworth Table Tennis League
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