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A competition was held at Churchfields School, Swindon, on the last Sunday in November which brought together Cadet/Junior players from Buckland, Lockeridge, Dauntsey's School (Lavington), Swindon Academy, and Sanford Link TTC. 
There were three groups of 6, and one group of 5, the games were played in good spirit, and there were some excellent games with many going the full distance. This was followed by a knockout tournament plus a consolation event, played best of 3.

Group Winners from the tournament:

    GROUP 1                    GROUP 2                  GROUP 3                    GROUP 4

Scott Marshall          Taisie Akiyama       Samson Cartlidge     Charlie Butler    
(Sanford Link)            (Sanford Link)             (Lockeridge)        (Swindon Academy)

Individual Knockout (16 Players)

FINAL:  Scott Marshall (Sanford Link) beat Kaedon Dubose (Swindon Academy) 6, 6.

Consolation Knockout (8 Players)

FINAL:  Charlie Sykes (Buckland) beat Jack Courtier-Dutton (Buckland)  -7, 9, 7.

This followed an excellent performance a few weeks earlier, when  a Sanford Link team comprising Taisie Akiyama, Samuel Pinches and Edward Pinches was unbeaten in its division of the National Cadet League after the first round of matches played at Cirencester.

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