The SCBJTTL Tournament was held on Saturday 27th February, at the King Edward VI School in Bury St. Edmunds. A full afternoon of Table Tennis competition was enjoyed by all 27 players who entered.  Trophies and medals were presented by top coach, Mick Palmer. The winners and Runners-up are listed below and detail of each of the events is also shown.

Girls Singles:

Winner:         RIYA KUMAR (Rougham Panthers)

Runner-up:   IZZY McGERTY (Rougham Panthers)


Boys Singles:

Winner:         THOMAS PIZEY (Ellesmere Expedience)

Runner-up:   JACK ENGLAND (Ellesmere Evolution)


Handicap Singles:

Winner:         JACK ENGLAND (Ellesmere Evolution)

Runner-up:   THOMAS PIZEY (Ellesmere Expedience)


Division 2 Singles: 

Winner:         LEO SAIU-BELL (Rougham Rovers)

Runner-up:   JAMIE HYDE (Stowmarket Slammers)


Under 13 Singles:

Winner:         CALLUM BARRETT (Rougham Lions)

Runner-up:   IZZY McGERTY (Rougham Panthers)



Winners:        THOMAS PIZEY/RHYS BURTON (Ellesmere Expedience)

Runners-up: ANNA RIDSDILL-SMITH/RIYA KUMAR (Rougham Panthers)

The Division Winners and Runners-up were:

Division 1 Winners:


Division 1 Runners-up:



Division 2 Winners:


Division 2 Runners-up:



The “Player of the Season” award went to LEO SAIU-BELL of Rougham Rovers who received the most nominations as “Player of the Match” from his fellow players in the League matches played earlier in the season. Congratulation Leo.


SCBJTTL Girls Singles - 27th February 2016

Round RobinWinner  NamesGroup Position
Anna Ridsdill-SmithIzzy McGerty    
Izzy McGerty 1Anna Ridsdill-Smith3
   2Izzy McGerty2
Riya kumar 4Riya kumar1
Anna Ridsdill-SmithN/A  WINNER: Riya Kumar
    In the event of a tie the winner will be:  
Izzy McGertyRiya Kumar The player who has won the most sets 
Riya Kumar  If still tied: 
    The player who has won the most points 
Izzy McGertyN/A   
Anna Ridsdill-SmithRiya Kumar   
Riya Kumar    
SCBJTTL Boys Singles - 27th February 2016
Round 1Round 2Round 3 (Q/F)Round 4 (S/F)Final
Thomas PizeyThomas Pizey   
 44Thomas Pizey  
Alex JonesGreg Perry  
Greg Perry   
  52Thomas Pizey 
Rory McEnirySam Taylor  
Sam Taylor   
 45Sam Taylor  
Joseph KulesaJoseph Kulesa  
   56Thomas Pizey
Patrick BartramPatrick Bartram  
George Wilkinson   
 46Rhys Burton  
Tim GilbeyRhys Burton  
Rhys Burton   
  53Nathan Castle 
Lewis HammondLeo Saiu-Bell  
Leo Saiu-Bell   
 47Nathan Castle  
BYENathan Castle  
Nathan Castle  WINNER: Thomas Pizey
Jack EnglandJack England   
 48Jack England  
Alex BellGeorge Hadjianastisis  
George Hadjianastisis   
  54Jack England 
Jamie HydeJamie Hyde  
 49Aidan Stibbs  
Theo CastleAidan Stibbs  
Aidan Stibbs   
   57Jack England
Callum BarrettCallum Barrett  
Isaac Cunningham   
 50Callum Barrett  
PJ DavisPJ Davis  
  55Stephen Perry 
Matthew JonesMatthew Jones  
 51Stephen Perry  
BYEStephen Perry  
Stephen Perry   

SCBJTTL 2nd Division Singles - 27th February 2016

Round 1Round 2Round 3 (S/F)FinalWinner
Joseph KulesaJoseph Kulesa   
Alex Jones   
 77Joseph Kulesa  
Patrick BartramPatrick Bartram  
  81Jamie Hyde 
Jamie HydeJamie Hyde  
George Wilkinson   
 78Jamie Hyde  
Lewis HammondRory McEniry  
Rory McEniry   
   83Leo Saiu-Bell
Tim GilbeyTim Gilbey  
 79Tim Gilbey  
George HadjianastisisAlex Bell  
Alex Bell   
  82Leo Saiu-Bell 
Theo CastleGreg Perry  
Greg Perry   
 80Leo Saiu-Bell  
PJ DavisLeo Saiu-Bell  
Leo Saiu-Bell   

SCBJTTL Under 13 Singles - 27th February 2016

Round 1Round 2Round 3 (S/F)FinalWinner
Nathan CastleNathan Castle   
 63Nathan Castle  
Theo CastleTheo Castle  
PJ Davis   
  67Izzy McGerty 
Alex BellIzzy McGerty  
Izzy McGerty   
 64Izzy McGerty  
BYELeo Saiu-Bell  
Leo Saiu-Bell   
   69Callum Barrett
Joseph KulesaJoesph Kulesa  
 65Lewis Hammond  
BYELewis Hammond  
Lewis Hammond   
  68Callum Barrett 
Rory McEniryJamie Hyde  
Jamie Hyde   
 66Callum Barrett  
BYECallum Barrett  
Callum Barrett   


SCBJTTL Handicap Singles - 27th February 2016

H/CRound 1Round 2Round 3 (Q/F)Round 4 (S/F)FinalWinner
5BYERory McEniry    
10Rory McEniry    
  14Alex Bell   
9Izzy McGertyAlex Bell   
17Alex Bell    
   22Aidan Stibbs  
8Aidan StibbsAidan Stibbs   
9Leo Saiu-Bell    
  15Aidan Stibbs   
3Riya KumarRiya Kumar   
15Lewis Hammond    
    26Thomas Pizey 
 BYEPJ Davis   
10PJ Davis    
  16PJ Davis   
5Nathan CastleNathan Castle   
9Joseph Kulesa    
   23Thomas Pizey  
3Stephen PerryPatrick Bartram   
11Patrick Bartram    
  17Thomas Pizey   
0Thomas PizeyThomas Pizey   
 BYE  28Jack England
4Jack EnglandJack England    
  18Jack England   
 BYEAlex Jones   
13Alex Jones    
   24Jack England  
6Callum BarrettCallum Barrett   
12George Hadjianastisis    
  19Isaac Cunningham   
6Isaac CunninghamIsaac Cunningham   
16George Wilkinson    
    27Jack England 
6Sam TaylorGreg Perry   
11Greg Perry    
  20Greg Perry   
9Anna Ridsdill-SmithTheo Castle   
12Theo Castle    
   25Greg Perry  
8Matthew JonesMatthew Jones   
10Tim Gilbey    
  21Jamie Hyde   
8Rhys BurtonJamie Hyde   
13Jamie Hyde    

SCBJTTL Doubles - 27th February 2016

Round 1Round 2Round 3 (S/F)FinalWinner
Matthew Jones/Sam TaylorMatthew Jones/Sam Taylor   
Lewis Hammond/Alex Jones   
 90Matthew Jones/Sam Taylor  
Joseph Kulesa/Jamie HydePJ Davis/Rory McEniry  
PJ Davis/Rory McEniry   
  94Anna Ridsdill-Smith/ Riya Kumar 
Anna Ridsdill-Smith/ Riya KumarAnna Ridsdill-Smith/ Riya Kumar  
 91Anna Ridsdill-Smith/ Riya Kumar  
BYEGeorge Hadjianastisis/Theo Castle  
George Hadjianastisis/Theo Castle   
   96Thomas Pizey/Rhys Burton
Thomas Pizey/Rhys BurtonThomas Pizey/Rhys Burton  
Leo Saiu-Bell/Izzy McGerty   
 92Thomas Pizey/Rhys Burton  
BYEIsaac Cunningham/Callum Barrett  
Isaac Cunningham/Callum Barrett   
  95Thomas Pizey/Rhys Burton 
Tim Gilbey/Patrick BartramTim Gilbey/Patrick Bartram  
Stephen Perry/George Wilkinson   
 93Nathan Castle/Aidan Stibbs  
Greg Perry/Alexander BellNathan Castle/Aidan Stibbs  
Nathan Castle/Aidan Stibbs   



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