week 6 results

Division 1:

League leaders, Forest Green A, came away from Yate with a narrow 6-4 victory thanks mainly to Dave Harvey who scored a maximum. Bob Murray was also on top form when he scored a max for Frampton A as they defeated the visiting Phoenix A 6-4. Man of the match Charlie Jefferies and Ian Heskins each scored maximums for Cirencester when they travelled to Frampton B winning 8-2.

Division 2:

Toby Harris, Alan Churchill and Steve Greening were all unbeaten when they left Woodchester C with a 9-1 victory which kept them at the top of the table. Robbie Hawkins scored a max for Randwick A which gave his side a 6-4 victory over the visiting Frampton C. Mark Attwood was the man of the match, scoring a max on their travels to Forest Green B as Thornbury B came away with a 6-4 victory. Bob Waters, Connor Ward and Andy Stratford were all unbeaten as they whitewashed the visiting two man Pessimists.

Division 3:

Phoenix D have a slender lead at the top of the division after defeating their F team club mates 8-2 thanks to a max from John Catterall. Phoenix E had a similar result as they beat the visiting Whiteshill C 8-2 with Joe Sheppard scoring a maximum. Graham Eden made the difference scoring a max for Thornbury C as they beat the visiting Cam A 6-4. Woodchester D had a comfortable 9-1 victory at Randwick C with Pat Pumphrey and Roger Davis each winning three.

Division 4:

Cam B remain at the top of the division despite losing 8-2 at home to Randwick E, who had Tom Gill to thank for scoring another max. Cam C lost by the same score to the visiting Frampton D for whom Len Agg scored a maximum. George Morris was the man of the match scoring a max as Randwick D defeated their hosts Phoenix G. Nailsworth B comfortable won the Nailsworth derby as they defeated the visiting Forest Green B 9-1 with both Mike May and Phil Sims scoring maximums. Sam McIvor scored a max against his own team as Phoenix I defeated Phoenix J 8-2.

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