Match Report

Please find attached a copy of the match card from Henley's home fixture against JLM Kingfishers, which ended in a 7-3 win for the visitors.
Sorry if the match progress looks confusing but we were all thrown by a random call for the doubles from Nigel who appears to be metamorphosing into Tim Fell.
Pick of the evening was an extraordinary attack versus defence encounter between Jim and Nigel. There were numerous lengthy rallies in which Jim's consistent hitting was equally matched by Nigel's persistent defence. Jim eventually emerged victorious after a 4th set which had even more excellent rallies than Dave Hatcher has had holidays during the season.
The randomly positioned doubles was also a fine encounter, and credit goes to Henry for playing an excellent deciding game alongside his dad to win on the tiebreak.
All the best
Peter - standing in for Dave who's on holiday AGAIN!
Written by: Peter Quince
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