Match Report

Henley 'A' played host to Blazing Paddles on the first day this year with any warmth in the sun! This inspired a shed-load of musca domestica (housefly to you and me) to come out of hibernation and invade our beloved sporting arena. Big hitter Nigel Payne readily assumed the role of Pest Controller and so the day was saved. Nello and Chris (Dickens) nabbed the first two sets with ease before Nigel pulled one back against Wilf. It took until game 8 for Henley to make any further progress when Pete Quince fought an exciting battle taking 3 games without loss against Wilf. Nigel then surpassed himself against Chris Dickins. Chris taking his eye off the ball (more than once) and earning himself only 10 points in 3 games. The doubles turned into a 5 set firecracker with supersonic loops being traded at both ends. The visitors taking the first two games followed by two games to the home team. Victory finally being taken by the Paddles in the 5th romping home 11 points to 3. The overall score settling at 3-7 to Blazing Paddles. Well done.
Dave Hatcher
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