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1.         MEMBERSHIP:

1.1.  Playing Members.  Adults, paying full subscriptions and Juniors (of school age) paying reduced subscription may compete in club competitions and coaching sessions.

1.2.  Associate

     Members.               Adults and Juniors will pay a nominal subscription to make them eligible to use the facilities for practice; coaching sessions and/or to play friendly matches.

   1.3.  Life Members.        Status awarded for outstanding service to the club by the Management Committee to Members or Friends of the club who pay no club subscriptions.   


   2.1.  Leagues.                 Playing Members will form teams to play matches on a competitive basis in leagues and competitions organised by the club. Individual members may also play in any other outside leagues or competitions.

   2.2.  Venues.                  Teams may choose to use the club’s own facilities to play “home” fixtures or may use others venues as notified to and approved by the Management Committee to ensure the welfare as well as health and safety of  members .

   2.3. Match Arrangements.

Each team shall nominate its “Home” match night, to be approved by the Management Committee, before the commencement of the Season.

All matches must be completed by the date shown in the annual Fixture List.

Matches shall commence at 7.30 pm unless mutually agreed otherwise. If either team fails to arrive by 8.00 pm they shall concede the match to their opponents, unless the Management Committee shall be satisfied that there was reasonable cause for the late arrival.

In the event of non-attendance of a  player by the time required to compete in his/her first scheduled set (as set out in rule 2.6) that set will be considered lost. In the event of non-attendance in his/her second and third scheduled sets, these will also be considered lost.

Any variation of this rule must be by mutual consent of the opposing captain.

No matches can be played for “double points”.

Where a team cannot fulfil it’s commitment to play a match the offended team will claim the points, which will be subject to ratification by the Management Committee.

2.4.  Postponements.      Any team wishing to postpone a match must give at least 48 hours notice to the opposing team and the Match Secretary. Any postponement will only be accepted when mutually agreed by the two captains. If no agreement is made the offended party will receive the points. The Match Secretary must be notified of any agreement and rearrangement.

2.5.  Results.                  The home team is responsible for reporting the results of all league matches  played, using the approved match card, to the Match Secretary within 7 days of the fixture.        

2.6.  Method of Play.

All matches shall be played in accordance with the fixture list approved by the Management Committee before the commencement of the Season.

A team shall consist of 3, 4, or 5 players (male or female) and sets shall be played as follows:-

Singles:  Three players on each side shall play single sets against three players of the opposing side, making nine singles in all.

Doubles:  One set of doubles shall be played, any two players forming a doubles pair. All sets shall be best of FIVE games.

All matches shall be played in accordance with the Rules of the E.T.T.A as laid down in the E.T.T.A Handbook.

All league matches shall be played to a finish and teams shall be awarded 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.

In the event of a tie on match points and sets averages, at the top of a division at the end of the season a play-off between the teams involved shall be arranged by the Management Committee. No doubles shall be played in the play-off.

The home captain shall nominate their team order of play first.

The order of play shall be as follows unless mutually agreed by both  captains:-

    (1) 1v1, (2) 2v2, (3) 3v3, (4) Doubles, (5) 2v1, (6) 1v3, 

    (7) 3v2, (8) 2v3, (9) 3v1, (10) 1v2.

2.7.    Team Registration.

No player shall normally play in any competition organised by the Club until his/her membership has been approved by the Management Committee as under Clause 4 of the Constitution.

2.8.  Late Registrations.

After the start of the playing season an unregistered player may play provided his/her name has been submitted to the Match Secretary by telephone prior to his/her first match. Answer phone messages or emails are acceptable.

        Any sets won by such a player will count unless his/her registration is not accepted at the next Management Committee Meeting.

The Management Committee may refuse to accept any registration only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or the Sport into disrepute, and may similarly cancel any registration previously approved. Appeal may be made as under Clause 4D of the Constitution.

2.9. Changes.              A player cannot play for more than one team in any competition unless prior approval is obtained from the Match Secretary. An individual may not be moved on more than two occasions in any one season without becoming a permanent member of that team.

There shall be no new registrations of team members after the end of January in the current season without special acceptance at a Management Committee Meeting. The new player will not be allowed to play until after that meeting.

2.10. Ineligible Players.

Should any team play an Ineligible player, his/her games shall be conceded to the opposing team and the offending team may be liable to such other penalties as the Management Committee decides.

 2.11. Promotion and Relegation.

At the end of the season the leading team in each Division/Group (other than the 1st Division/Group) shall be promoted to the next higher Division/Group, and the bottom team in each Division/Group (other than the lowest Division/Group) shall be relegated to the next lower Division/Group, the Management Committee having the power to fill any vacancies as they deem fit.

In the event of two teams, equal on points and sets averages being concerned in either Promotion or Relegation, the positions will be decided by a “play-off” at a venue agreed between both team captains . No doubles will be played.  

2.12.  Transfers.          In the event of a registered  player wishing to leave his/her team after the start of  playing season to join another  he/she must obtain the prior consent of the management Committee, other than a change made as specified in Rule 2.9.

No player shall be transferred from one team to another after the commencement of the playing season.


3.1. The Competition.

The system used for the team handicap knock-out competition will be determined each year at a Management Committee meeting prior to the commencement of the event.

The player handicapping, in whatever form, will be the responsibility of the

Management Committee.

3.2.  Rules                   Rules for the competition will be set and published to each participating team.

A team can comprise of players who appear on the approved Handicap List and any member not included on the list must obtain the permission of the Management committee prior to playing in this competition.

3.3. Method of Play.   In a match, each team shall consist of three players. Each player shall play the three players of the opposing team - 9 sets in all. Each set shall consist of four games, each starting at “love-all”. Each game shall end when the first player reaches 11 points. The points from the four games shall be added together to find the set score. The home player’s set score will then be amended by an allowance or penalty calculated by reference to the differences in the current Handicaps List. The player with most points after this amendment wins the set. If the points are equal, the set is halved. The team winning most sets wins the match.  In the event of a tie, the first tied set will be replayed. If the set is tied again, then a final game is played with the handicap allowance calculated pro-rata. Fractions of a point will count to ensure a result is achieved.

                                    The order of play will be as in Rule 2.6, excluding the doubles.

The winning team will be responsible for sending in the scorecard.


                              All protests and disputes shall be handed to the Hon. Secretary in writing for

resolution at the next Management Committee Meeting. No protest relating to a match shall be considered unless received by the Hon. Secretary within 7 days of the match.


                                          Any team or member who has been penalised has a right to appeal to the Management Committee and at the hearing a representative of the team and/or member should be present.


6.1.  Trophies.             All trophies, except individual replicas, are the property of the Club. Individuals holding these will sign for their safe custody and return them when requested.

The club will not make any award or remuneration (other than actual expenses or in exceptional circumstances) for playing in any competitive table tennis event.

6.2.  Value.                  The value of awards and/or prizes, whether cash or goods, will be commensurate with amateur participation in the sport of Table Tennis.


The Annual Tournament held by the Club will be an Open Competition.

Other Tournaments must have the agreement of the Management Committee.

8.    RULES:                    The Rules of this Club shall not be altered or added to except at the

                                          A.G.M. or at an E.G.M convened for this purpose.

In the event of any matter arising not provided for in the foregoing Rules, such

                                          matters shall be referred to the Management Committee whose decision shall

                                          be final.


 Signed by Brendan Sullivan , Chairman and David Hebb, Secretary .                                    ( 2015 February )                                                                           

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