Ketco Cup 2015

Round 1 - Fixtures and Results 

Home TeamScore Away Team Score 
Stamford School 4 Tallington  5 
Archway B  L Archway A  W
Braunston B  W Bourne TTC C  L 
Bourne TTC C  3 Uffington B  5 
MTTG   1 Uffington A  5 
Bourne TTC A  4 Nomads  5 

Quarter Final - Fixtures and Results

Home TeamScore Away Team Score 
Tallington  5Archway A 3
Braunston B  5Stamford Free Church  4 
Uffington B  5Uffington A   1 
Nomads  7Braunston A  2 

Semi Final - Fixtures and Results

 Home Team Score Away Team Score
 Tallington 5  Braunston  0
 Uffington B  3 Nomads 5 

Final - Fixtures and Results

 Home Team Score Away Team  Score 
 Tallington  5 Nomads 2

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