Results for Week 24 of the 2014-15 season

Results for Week 24 of the 2014-15 season

League Championships

The conclusion of the regular season has been reached in the Stamford and Rutland Table Tennis League with a number of competitions being decided. At Jack Hunt School, the LJ Roll Handicap, Veteran and Superveteran trophies were competed for. Many of the league’s strongest singles players took part and the final was remarkable for the clean hitting and control of the 40 millimetre ball. Both Diccon Gray and Dave Rowell provided the onlookers with tremendous rallies, but it was Diccon who eventually pulled away to win 41-36.

The Veterans Competition was also of an impressive standard, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, given the form shown in the LJ Roll, the final was again between Diccon Gray and Dave Rowell. This match was arguably even better, with Dave winning the first set 13-11. Diccon responded with merciless hitting and retrieval to secure sets two and three quite comfortably. The fourth set reached 10-10 before being closed out by Diccon for a worthy double on the night.

The Superveteran competition involved fewer players but was the final one to finish. The majority of the encounters went to five sets, and the final match to decide the winner was one of these. Stamford Free Church’s Vic Hoffman defeated Braunston B’s Bill Seese to secure the trophy.

LJ Roll Final

Diccon Gray (5) beat Dave Rowell (10) 41-36

Veterans Final

Diccon Gray beat Dave Rowell 11-13, 11-4, 11-3, 12-10


Vic Hoffman beat Bill Seese 11-3, 7-11, 8-11, 11-8, 11-4

Ketco Plate Final

The Ketco Plate final was played at Northborough Village Hall and resulted in victory for Bourne ‘A’ over Stamford School. Although Harry Jackson and Clive Jackson each won twice, it was Ziggy Pobereziuk’s point that proved key. The school’s most successful player on the night, Rutwik Zapake, hauled in the tough handicap and held two match points; but Ziggy remained calm and managed to fend off Rutwik’s charge. Had Rutwik won this match, a deciding ninth match would have been necessary.

Stamford School        3        Bourne TTC A         5

Rutwik Zapake 2/Leigh Ware 1/Richard Henry

Harry Jackson 2/Clive Jackson 2/Ziggy Poberezniuk 1

President's Cup Final

The President’s Cup final was affected by events beyond players’ control. A serious road accident prevented MTTG’s third player from making the match and, disappointingly, this led to a brisk conclusion. Daniel Fielding and Shaun Murray did sufficient for Archway ‘A’ to lift the trophy.

MTTG                    1            Archway A          5

Dave Needham 1/Chris Weston

Shaun Murray 2/Daniel Fielding 2/Michael Peacock 1

Division 2

Division 2 was completed with two 10-0 results at the expense of bottom club Bourne ‘C’. Champions Braunston ‘B’ and Stamford Free Church enjoyed comfortable evenings, but the Churchman missed out on second place in this league by the narrowest of margins.

Bourne TTC C           0        Braunston B         10

Ian Lines/Debbie Lines

Cedric Phillips 3/David Smart 3/David Webb 3 + doubles (David Webb and Cedric)

Bourne TTC C            0        Stamford Free Church    10

Malc Holley/Debbie Lines/Ian Lines

John Chambers 3/Rob Elliott 3/Vic Hoffman 3 + doubles (Vic and John)

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