Results for Week 23 of the 2014-15 season

Results for Week 23 of the 2014/15 season

Ketco Cup Final

The final of this season’s Ketco Cup took place at the neutral venue of Bainton Village Hall and, following a competitive encounter, the trophy was retained by Tallington. The villagers got off to a strong start with a win for Richard Allen over Wes Durston; Scott Toomey then recovered from two sets down against Nick McDowall to double the lead, and Nomads could never quite close the gap. Richard and Scott each won twice, while team-mate Kevin Toomey picked up another point to reach the necessary five points. 

Tallington                 5           Nomads               2

Scott Toomey 2/Kevin Toomey 1/Richard Allen 2

Nick McDowall 1/Wes Durston 1/Nick Goodman

Second Division

Tallington also completed their league season but were unable to finish with a win, losing 6-4 to Bourne ‘A’. In Paul Ramm’s absence, Harry Jackson dominated with three wins for the visitors. Clive Jackson also chipped in with two wins, while Kevin Toomey replied with a brace for the Uffington CC ‘B’ also completed their season and earned a comfortable 9-1 win at Bourne ‘C’. Martyn Dennis and Chris Gardiner enjoyed an unbeaten evening, with Jonathan Roland earning two further wins for the cricketers.

Bourne TTC C           1          Uffington CC B        9

Ian Lines 1/Debbie Lines/Malc Holley

Martyn Dennis 3/Chris Gardiner 3/Jonathan Roland 2 + doubles

Tallington                  4           Bourne TTC A         6

Richard Allen 1/Kevin Toomey 2/Luke Toomey + doubles (Richard and Kevin)

Harry Jackson 3/Clive Jackson 2/Ziggy Poberezniuk 1

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