1.         Title


                2.         Objects


                3.         Annual General Meeting


                4.         Alteration of Rules


                5.         Government


                6.         Duties of Officers


                7.         Duties of Committees and Sub-Committees


                8.         Meetings of Committees and Sub-Committees


                9.         Special General Meetings


                10.      Temporary Decisions


                11.      Financial Year


                12.      Fees


                13.      Guarantee Fee


                14.      Misconduct of Clubs or Players, etc.




1.             TITLE


1.1          The Association shall be called the "Stafford Table Tennis Association" and shall be affiliated to the English Table Tennis Association and the Staffordshire Table Tennis Association.  At the discretion of the Management Committee, the name of a sponsor may be included in the title.


2.             OBJECTS


2.1          The object of the Association shall be:-


      (a)     To foster and promote organised Table Tennis.

      (b)     To use it's influence towards obtaining better facilities for the game.




3.1          DATE:-  The Annual General Meeting shall take place not later than 31st May, the business to include:-


      (a)     Presentation of a Report and of a Statement of Accounts made up  to 30th April.

      (b)     Election of Officers.

      (c)     Approval of Affiliation Fees.

      (d)     Alteration to Rules.

      (e)     Any other business.


3.2          NOTICE:-  At least 28 days notice of the A.G.M. date shall be given to each affiliated team.  A copy of the Agenda shall be given to each affiliated team within 14 days of the date of the meeting.


3.3          ATTENDANCE:-  Attendance at the A.G.M. shall be open to all officers or registered players but the maximum number of votes available to each team shall be 4.


4.             ALTERATION OF RULES


4.1          The General and League Rules of the Association shall not be altered or added to except at the A.G.M. or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose.

                Any proposed alterations shall be submitted to the Association Secretary in writing at least 21 days prior to the meeting.



5.             GOVERNMENT


5.1          The Officers of the Association shall be as follows:


      (a)     President

      (b)     Chairman

      (c)     Deputy Chairman

      (d)     Secretary

      (e)     Assistant Secretary

      (f)      Treasurer

      (g)     Match Secretary

      (h)     Tournament Secretary

      (i)      County Representative

      (j)      Press Officer

      (k)     Coaching Liaison Officer


5.2          All Officers shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.  An Annual General Meeting may, however, appoint a non-voting Life Member if it thinks fit.


5.3          The Association shall be run by the following Committees and Sub-Committees:


      (a)     A General Committee comprising all the Officers of the Association plus at least one representative from each Club up to a maximum of the number of teams within the Club, each representing their own team, and one representative from any non-league team.


      (b)     A Town Teams Sub-Committee, reporting to the General Committee, comprising the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, County Representative, team captains and two other persons appointed by the Annual General Meeting.


      (c)     A Coaching Sub-Committee reporting to the General Committee, chaired by the Coaching Liaison Officer, made up of ad-hoc representatives with an interest in coaching and the introduction of junior players to table tennis.


      (d)     An Organisation Sub-Committee reporting to the General Committee, comprising the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Match Secretary, Tournament Secretary and three other persons appointed by the Annual General Meeting.  Each division of the League must be represented by either an Officer or one of the three appointed representatives.


      (e)     Any special Sub-Committee of the General Committee which that committee may resolve to set up to consider and report back on a specific matter.


5.4          The General Committee has power to co-opt to fill any vacancy that may occur.


6.             DUTIES OF OFFICERS


6.1          SECRETARY:-  The Secretary will convene all meetings and shall conduct all general correspondence of the Association.  He shall act on all occasions under the direction of the General Committee, and when  retiring from office shall hand to the Chairman all books, papers etc. belonging to the Association.


6.2          TREASURER:-  The Treasurer shall bank all the monies belonging to the Association in the name of the Stafford Table Tennis Association from whatever source derived for which he or she will be held responsible.  The Treasurer shall pay all accounts of the Association as directed by the General Committee, shall keep Income and Expenditure Accounts, and when retiring from office shall hand to the Chairman all books, papers, and monies  belonging to the Association which are in his possession.




7.1          The General Committee shall be responsible for the following:-


      (a)     Consideration of applications for membership.

      (b)     Dealing with all claims, disputes and reports submitted by Clubs or teams.

      (c)     Consideration of all financial matters, except the approval of the level of affiliation fees which shall be the responsibility of the Annual General Meeting.

      (d)     Confirmation of reports from Sub-committees.

      (e)     All other matters not referred to elsewhere.


7.2          The Town Teams Sub-Committee shall report to the General Committee on all matters relating to the entry of teams representing the Association into leagues or competitions run by bodies other than the Association.  This includes the number of teams to be entered, selection of teams and payment of affiliation fees, but no other financial matters which will remain the responsibility of the General Committee.  The Town Teams Sub-Committee shall also prepare ranking lists of players as necessary.


7.3          The Coaching Sub-Committee shall report to the General Committee on all matters relating to the promotion, organisation and provision of coaching and junior activities and may recommend the level of fees to be charged to participants.


7.4          The Organisation Sub-Committee shall report to the General Committee on the following matters:


      (a)     The formation of and allocation of teams to divisions for the Summer or Winter League.

      (b)     The organisation and format of all Closed events to be held for Association members, including recommended dates and entry fees.





      (a)     The General Committee shall meet once a month during the Winter Season.

      (b)     The Secretary shall give each league team Secretary the dates of each Meeting at the beginning of the Winter Season.

      (c)     Each Officer or representative shall be allowed one vote.  Decisions shall be approved by simple majority.

      (d)     The quorum for a meeting shall be a number equal to one-third of the affiliated Clubs.

      (e)     Any Club not present and which does not submit an apology for absence prior to the meeting to the Association Secretary shall be fined 50p.

      (f)      Any Club failing to attend 2 or more consecutive monthly meetings will be fined a sum of £1.00, irrespective of any apology for absence being submitted.  This fine is operative on each consecutive absence.

      (g)     Any Club which has only one team and has a scheduled or rearranged match on the night of a normal meeting shall be considered to have attended the meeting for the purposes of this rule.


8.2          The Town Teams Sub-Committee, the Coaching Sub-Committee and the Organisation Sub-Committee shall determine the dates of their own meetings as they see fit.  The Quorum for these meetings shall be 3.  Decisions shall be taken by simple majority vote of those present at the meeting.


8.3          At all Annual or Special General Meetings, Committees or Sub-Committees, the Chairman of the meeting may exercise a casting vote whenever there is as equal division.




9.1          A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary if either


      (a)     a request is received signed by the Secretaries of at least one-third of the Association's affiliated Clubs.


      (b)     by resolution of the General Committee.


9.2          At least 21 days notice of a Special General Meeting shall be given to each affiliated team together with details of the agenda items to be discussed.


9.3          Attendance and voting are the same as for Annual General Meetings.  




10.1        The Chairman and Secretary shall jointly have power to take temporary decisions on matters over which the General Committee has jurisdiction.  To be fully operative, such decisions must be ratified by the next General Committee Meeting and will take effect retrospectively from the date of the Chairman's and Secretary's temporary decisions.


11.          FINANCIAL YEAR


11.1        The Financial Year shall end on 30th April, and a Statement of Accounts shall be prepared for the next A.G.M. up to and including this date.


12.          FEES


12.1        Club Affiliation Fees:-


                The Annual Affiliation Fee to the Association shall be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.  Junior Teams (teams containing only one adult player) and Youth Club Teams shall pay one quarter of the approved fee.


12.2        League Entry and Fees:-


      (a)     Teams shall be entered to the Association by not later than 31st July, together with players names.


      (b)     Winter League Entry Fees of any team not paid within six weeks of submission of the fees invoice or before 1st November of the same year, whichever is the later, shall be subject to an initial fine of £1.00 together with additional fines of £1.00 for each successive completed week during which the fees remain unpaid.  Any fees unpaid by 31st December of the same year shall render the Club's association membership liable to be withdrawn.


12.3        Non League Club Fees:-


                Clubs wishing to affiliate to the Association on a non playing basis can do so on payment of the Association's affiliation fee.


13.          GUARANTEE FEE


13.1        A guarantee fee of £5.00 per Club shall be deposited with the Association's treasurer, as a guarantee of the fulfilment of its obligations to the Association.


13.2        Should any Club retire from the Association after the Leagues have been formulated, no affiliation or league entry shall be returned and any unpaid fees shall remain payable.




14.1        Cases of misconduct of either Clubs or players, or any matter not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with by the General Committee whose decision shall be final.


                (Note, not being part of the rules:-  The Staffordshire Table Tennis Association rules state a right to appeal to them on a decision of the Stafford General Committee.)





                LEAGUE RULES








                22.Match Nights

                23.Postponement of Matches

                24.System of Playing

                25.Order of Play


                27.Award of Points

                28.Time of Commencement of Matches

                29.Non-attendance of Players

                30.Notification of Results

                31.Fictitious Results

                32.Failure to Play League Matches

                33.Players Registration

                34.Clubs with More than One Team

                35.Transfer of Players

                36.Penalty for Playing Ineligible Players

                37.Withdrawal of Teams

                38.Claims, Protests and Disputes

                39.Payment of Fines

                40.Change of Venue

                41.Accommodation and Lighting Facilities

                42.Club Tournaments


                44.Selection for Town Teams














21.          TROPHIES


                The funds permitting,trophies shall be awarded to the Winners and Runners Up of each Division of the League.


22.          MATCH NIGHT


                All teams must state on their League Entry Form their fixed match nights.  Matches MUST be played on the date specified on the fixture list, and NO NOTIFICATION BY HOME OR VISITING TEAM, except as provided for in Rule 23, is necessary.




      (a)     Only by mutual arrangement may the date of a match be re-arranged.  In this case, not less than THREE CLEAR DAYS NOTICE shall be given to the opposing team's Secretary and the re-arranged date must be within four playing weeks of the ORIGINAL DATE.  This above information MUST reach the MATCH SECRETARY not later than the Saturday following the day the match should have been played.


      (b)     Failure to play the match within the prescribed time results in the first offending team calling off the match to lose the points.


      (c)     It is the responsibility of BOTH teams to advise the MATCH SECRETARY of a postponement and the re-arranged date.


      (d)     A fine of 50p will be imposed on a team or teams not complying with this rule.


24.          SYSTEM OF PLAYING


      (a)     All teams shall play one home and one away match with each of the other teams in their Division, except:


      (i)      where there is a Premier Division.

     (ii)      where entries have been received from teams wishing to play all their matches away.

    (iii)      where mutual arrangement has been reached between the Captains of the teams.


      (b)     A match shall consist of ten sets played between three-a-side teams.   Each member of the home team will play a singles set against each member of the opposing team, giving nine sets.  There shall also be one doubles set in which any registered player may play.  All sets shall be the best of three games.


25.          ORDER OF PLAY


      (a)     It is the responsibility of the home Captain (or deputy) to number his/her players first in any order desired prior to the commencement of the match.  The away Captain will do likewise for his team.


      (b)     The order of play shall be as follows (home team stated first):-


                1 v 1  2 v 2  3 v 3  Doubles

                2 v 1  1 v 3  3 v 2  2 v 3  3 v 1  1 v 2


                This rule may be varied on the agreement of BOTH Captains.


26.          UMPIRING


                The Captains shall appoint an umpire before the start of each set.  Umpiring shall be undertaken alternatively by members of each team.


27.          AWARD OF POINTS


      (a)     the team winning the most number of sets shall be the winner of the match and be awarded two points.  Should a tie result, each team shall be given one point.


      (b)     Should it be necessary to break off (for genuine reasons) before a result has been reached the General Committee will decide the course of action.


      (c)     In the case of a tie or ties at the end of the season sets average will be the decider.  If a tie still results, involving championship, promotion or relegation, then a play-off on a neutral table shall be held to decide the winner.




      (a)     Except where mutually agreed otherwise, all matches shall commence not later than 7.30 pm at which time at least two players shall be present.  Failure to comply may result in points being awarded to the team present.  If a match is to be played on two tables then a start time of not later than 8.15 pm will be allowed, providing the visiting team has been notified.


      (b)     Any team not presenting themselves for matches and not giving any notice of absence shall be fined by the General Committee.





      (a)     In the event of the non-attendance of a player by 9.00 pm his or her games shall be considered lost, unless:


      (i)      both Captains have agreed to a late arrival.

     (ii)      a registered reserve player be in attendance.


      (b)     Should a reserve be called upon to play, he or she must be nominated and ready to play by 9.00 pm.




      (a)     The result of each match shall be forwarded to the Match Secretary, by the home Captain or Secretary, on a card printed for the purpose, and signed by Captains of both teams.


      (b)     The card shall be completed in INK and any alterations initialled by the Captains.


      (c)     The result card must reach the Match Secretary not later than 72 hours following the match.


      (d)     A fine of 50p will be imposed on any team not fulfilling rule 30(c).




                The insertion of a fictitious result or a false name on a result card renders the team or teams concerned liable to a suspension and/or a fine.  The final decision shall be left to the General Committee.




      (a)     In the event of any team not fulfilling an engagement, its opponent may be awarded the match and points (10-0).  Additionally, if a team fails to appear for a match without prior notification, a fine of £1.00 per occasion and a deduction of two points will be imposed on the offending team.


      (b)     Any Club failing to fulfil its league commitments (or cup matches) shall lose its £5.00 Guarantee Fee.


      (c)     On the first occasion a team plays without a full team, the fact will be noted by the Match Secretary.  On the second and subsequent occasions, the offending team will be fined £1.00.


      (d)     Application for entry into the Association by offending Clubs, teams or players during the following season may be refused by the General  Committee.




      (a)     No player shall play in a match until his or her registration has been approved by the General Committee.


      (b)     No players may be registered for more than one Club.


      (c)     No player may play for more than one team, except as in rule 35.




      (a)     A Club entering two or more teams in one Division must consider the teams to be separate Clubs ie each team must have its own group of registered players.


      (b)     For Clubs running two or more teams in different Divisions, the following rules shall apply:


      (i)      A player shall under no circumstances play for a team of a lower standard (except by obtaining a transfer) than the one registered for.


     (ii)      Except with the prior consent of the General Committee, a player may not play on more than two occasions for a team, other than that for which he was registered.




      (a)     In the event of a registered player wishing to leave his Club and join another, he must obtain the consent of the General Committee.


      (b)     Only in exception circumstances may a player be transferred from one Club to another between February 1st and the end of the season.  The General Committee shall decide the exceptional circumstances on the merits of each case.




                Should a team play an unregistered player, then that team shall forfeit the match 10-0 and also be fined 50p.




      (a)     Should a team resign at any time following the acceptance of its league entry form, and after the formation of the Divisions, any matches played by it shall be ignored and the Guarantee Fee of its Club shall be lost.


      (b)     Application for entry into the Association by offending Clubs and teams during the following season may be refused by the General Committee.




      (a)     All protests and disputes should be submitted in writing to the Association Secretary for consideration at the next meeting of the General Committee.


      (b)     No claims relating to a match shall be considered unless received by the Match Secretary within seven days of the match in question.


39.          PAYMENT OF FINES


      (a)     Any fines levied during the season shall be paid within fourteen days of notification.  Non-payment of fines and further offences renders the team liable to suspension or other penalties as may be decided by the General Committee.


     (b)      Any fines levied at the end of the season must be paid by 31st July to enable an entry for the following season to be accepted.


40.          CHANGE OF VENUE


      (a)     Any Club wishing its venue to be changed after the commencement of the season must inform and obtain the consent of the General Committee.


      (b)     It is the responsibility of the Secretary of the Club changing its venue to inform the Secretaries of all the other Clubs of the Association of this change.




                All Clubs shall provide suitable accommodation and lighting facilities for all matches.




                Any Club wishing to hold open tournaments shall first obtain the consent of the General Committee.


43.          TOURNAMENTS


      (a)     All players for which Stafford is the only Association with which he or she is registered shall be allowed to enter any of the Association's closed tournaments.


      (b)     If he/she is registered with another Association, he/she should have played at least four of the league games with a Stafford Club before their names can be accepted, ie before the tournament's closing date expires.




                To be available for selection to play in a Town Team, a player must have played at least eight league matches with a Stafford Club during the preceding or current season.




















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