League / Cup Matches to Finish

This does NOT include matches brought forward that are part finished.


Week 2

JDM vs South Holland

Jokers vs Outsiders


Week 3

The Underdogs vs Mines A Pint


Week 4

Bladerunners vs Outsiders

JDM vs Nets and Edges

The Underdogs vs Moulton SE

200Up vs Hurricane Brothers


Week 5

Jokers v The Underdogs (Moulton Shield Round 2)


Week 6

Mines a Pint v JDM

Nets and Edges vs Bladerunners

Outsiders vs Aches and Pains

Hurricane Brothers vs Matduf

Pottermus Clarets vs Castle Sports


Week 7

Bladerunners vs Mines a Pint

Moulton SE vs Outsiders



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