1.                    The League

The League shall be named ‘The Spalding & District Table Tennis League’ (hereinafter called ‘The League’) and shall be open for membership, only to any club approved by the Executive Committee.  The purpose of the League shall be to make rules for and to control the game of table tennis for its membership.


2.                    Annual General Meeting

A meeting called the Annual General Meeting shall be convened by the General Secretary between the months of May and August of each year.  The meeting will receive all reports; rescind, make or amend rules and generally transact all necessary business – including the election or re-election of officials (called ‘the Officials of the League’), President, Vice-Presidents, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and any other officials who may be required.  Ten members shall form a quorum and business will commence at 8 p.m.  All applicants for membership to the League or those members present from the season just ended shall be eligible to vote.


3.                    Executive Meeting

A meeting called the Executive Meeting shall be held on Wednesday as required during the season and those present shall form a quorum.  Business will commence at 7.00p.m.  The Executive Meeting shall have powers to appoint any sub-committee they think fit, which may co-opt any member(s), and, in the case of any official resigning prior to the Annual General Meeting, to appoint new officials in their place.  Those present are eligible to vote at an Executive Meeting.  The Chairman may exercise a casting vote in the event of a tie.  A subject of the agenda having been brought up before a duly convened Executive Meeting cannot be brought up again unless new relevant information is available which had not existed at the time of the original meeting.


4.                    Application to the League

Any club wishing to apply for entry to the League for the forthcoming season shall do so on the official league registration form.  This form should then be submitted to the General Secretary by the date agreed at the Annual General Meeting.


5.                    Registration with the League

Teams will be registered with the League, only if they have applied for entry (see rule 2), and paid their subscriptions (see rule 6) by the specified date.  Any team not meeting these requirements will be ‘ineligible’ (see rule 11) to enter the forthcoming season’s fixtures.


6.                    Subscriptions

The subscriptions for the forthcoming season shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.  These will be payable on an individual basis by the last Friday in October to the League’s Treasurer.  It will be the individual captain’s responsibility to collect his or her team’s subscriptions.  Subscriptions for additional players shall be paid in accordance with rule 9.


7.                    League Formation

The composition of each division shall be decided by the Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting, which will meet on the last day of registration (see rules 5 and 6).


8.                    Scoring/Match Rules

Scoring for all League matches shall be one point for each game (rubber) won, (maximum 5 points).  All games shall be played in accordance with E.T.T.A. Laws and Rules; no white shirts or shorts allowed.  Matches may be played before the specified date in the handbook provided that both captains agree and the Match Secretary is informed of the re-scheduled match.  All League score sheets must be sent to the Match Secretary.  They should be postmarked, delivered or handed in at the Sports Hall Desk within 24 hours of completion of the match.  Failure to comply will result in the deduction of 1 point.


9.                    Additional players and transfer between clubs

Any person wishing to become a registered member of the League or wishing to transfer to another club following the start of the season may apply to the Match Secretary giving at least 24 hours notice for registration and giving reasons for the requested transfer.  This application will then be reported to the next Executive Meeting for formal ratification, the player will be considered ‘registered’ from the date of agreement by the Match Secretary on payment of their subscription before playing his/her first match. 


A person may play for his/her team immediately after permission from the match Secretary but if their registration is subsequently refused, they will be considered ‘ineligible’ (see rule 11).  


10.                 Fulfilling fixtures

Matches shall be played in accordance with fixture book starting not later than 8.00 p.m. and being completed the same evening.  If a player be absent from a match or not present when called upon to play, his/her rubber(s) shall be forfeited to the opposing player(s) present.  Unless agreed otherwise by both captains, order of play shall be as per score sheet (the home team declaring their order first).  The doubles pair may include or comprise other players who are eligible (see rule 11) to play for that team.  The doubles will normally be the third game unless agreed at the start of the match by both captains.  No players may play two or more successive (excluding doubles) games unless agreed at the start of the match.


11.                 Ineligible teams/players – penalties

(a)                 Teams will be considered ‘ineligible’ to play in the League if they have not complied with rule 5.

(b)                 Players will be considered ‘ineligible’ to play in the League if they have not complied with rule 9.

Any team with an ‘ineligible’ player (see above) shall forfeit all points won by him/her including the doubles in all matches played whilst they were considered to be ‘ineligible’.  Any player ruled to be ‘ineligible’ must reapply for registration to the League when his/her registration will be at the discretion of the Executive meeting.  The executive Meeting may require unpaid subscriptions from previous seasons to be paid before registration is allowed.


12.                 Postponement or rearrangement of matches

Matches may be postponed provided the opponent’s captain is informed at least 24 hours before the start of the match.  The Match Secretary must be informed within 48 hours of the match time.  Exceptional circumstances are to be given to the Match Secretary who will give a ruling, which will be final. A new date must be offered by the cancelling team.  Failure to comply will result in the deduction of 1 point.


13.                 Disputes

Any complaint or alleged misconduct or breach of any rules made against any member or club must be made in writing to the General Secretary within seven days of the alleged offence otherwise it shall be deemed not to have taken place.  Any member or club against whom a complaint is made cannot vote on the outcome; neither can the member or the club making the complaint.  The executive meeting shall be final unless relevant information becomes available.


14.                 Injury during matches

If a player becomes unfit for play after the start of a match, any remaining singles point will be awarded to the opposition. A substitute player may only be used to play in the doubles games.


15.                 Withdrawal of teams from the League

In the event of a team withdrawing during the playing season, all matches shall be deemed not to have been played and points will be deducted accordingly from the remaining teams in that division.


16.                 Ties for championships

Where two or more teams tie on points for a championship or second place, the teams that have won the most matches will take that place.  In the unlikely event of a tie on that basis, the total results between the tying teams will decide the winning team.


17.                 Eligibility for individual championship events

In order to be eligible for entry in the events below, players must be

(a)                 Fully paid up members of the League, and

(b)             Have played or been eligible to play in at least 5 League and /or Cup matches at the date of the event in question.

The championships covered by this rule are: Supreme, Divisions 1, 2, (and 3 if applicable), Senior Doubles, Veterans, Mixed Doubles, Roy Gibson Memorial Rose Bowl, and Val Mackey Doubles.


18.                 Alterations to the League rules

These rules and general and specific competition rules shall be binding on all League members.  They may only be amended by the League’s Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting for ratification at the next Annual General Meeting and any proposal for their amendment must be given in writing to the General Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

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