Rule change - Postponement and re-arrangement of fixtures

Additional rule/rule 12 modification proposal relating to un-played games in fixtures and postponement of fixtures.

a) Matches or individual games may be postponed to a later date, but Match Secretary and opposing captain must be informed at least 24 hours prior to scheduled date.
b) i) In the event of a postponement an alternative date must be agreed by the scheduled date by all parties including Match Secretary.
   ii) In the event that a Cup match is being rearranged then it must be played before the next round is scheduled or within two weeks if a final.
  iii) No match may be rearranged to accommodate a rearranged match. Rearranging may mean a double fixture will apply. This shall apply to Cup matches as well as League.
   iv) In the event that a team is scheduled for a Cup match on the same night as a League fixture, e.g. a Cup semi-final or final, then the Cup match takes priority and the League Match may be rearranged.
   v) A match may only be rearranged once at the discretion of the Committee.
c) In the event that the Match Secretary is not informed of a rearrangement date then clause 2 will take effect.
d) Matches may be postponed in exceptional circumstances later than 24 hours prior to scheduled date but must still have an agreed alternative.
e) Acceptance of a match or game postponement is at the discretion of the Committee.
a) In the event of non-appliance of clause 1 then all un-played games will be awarded to any player(s) present for the scheduled date, or declared void in the event of no/insufficient players attending on scheduled date.
b) Players attending on scheduled date should still play any possible games and their results will stand.
c) Should attending players not fulfil any games scheduled and a rearranged date has not been agreed then 2a will apply and their game will be declared void.
d) In the event of a postponement and rearrangement date being agreed then 2a will apply to the new date.
Whether games have been played or not a match sheet, whether blank or partially completed, should be handed in to Match Secretary.

a) i) Any games declared void may be played at a later date, but Match Secretary/Committee must be informed in advance of any rescheduled date as set out above and only one rescheduling may take place. – [see 1) b) v)]

   ii) Games previously awarded to an attending player will stand

b) In the event of a rescheduled game not being played then rule 2 will apply.

c) Match Secretary/Committee may, at their discretion, not accept results that do not comply with 4a.
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