2017-18 Week 24 Report

Spalding and District League had just two matches scheduled for week 24, originally aimed at the Division 2 fixtures to catch up with Division 1.

Four Division 1 teams took the opportunity to catch up in two matches.

Jokers welcomed Wesley Roper to the league and he is enabling them to fulfil some of their back log.

Not surprisingly, having watched him warm up the previous week, he took both his singles games, though Reece Kerry put up a bit of a battle.

Guntars Briedes joined him for the doubles which they took in four, giving them a 5 – 0 win.

That moves them within a point of second with games in hand.

Underdogs and Aches & Pains caught up on a match from January.

The former took the first four games, though the doubles went to the fifth end, with Kelvin Preville recording another double.

Garry Wilkinson spoiled the whitewash but was made to fight to the fifth get their point.

Underdogs have now leapfrogged into fourth spot.

In Division 2 only one match was started, between Pottermus Clarets and Castle Sports.

Only Tom Chesworth was available for the ‘home’ team, but he took both his games in three to establish a lead and take them further away from their rivals.

Mine’s a Pint and 200up faced off in a delayed Guardian Cup round 2 tie.

The Pinters took three of the four games to finish with a lead of 123 – 106.

The hidden handicap was a further 11 points for 200 which left them just 6 short, so Mine’s a Pint progress.

Earlier three of the quarter finals from the Roy Gibson Rose Bowl were played.

Preville (starting on 3) met Andrew Hay (22) and won 31-26 31-30.

Briedes (15) defeated Ionel Dumitrache (18) 31-29 31-30 and Chesworth (21)won against Kerry (17) 31-27 31-24.

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