2017-18 Week 20 Report

The Spalding and District League held its annual competition for the Roy Gibson Memorial Rose Bowl.

In this event each player starts on a handicap and plays to 31 points, best of three ends.

There were twenty-three entries who were divided into four groups, with one player seeded in each, the top two going through to the knockout stage.

In the end this turned out to be something of a handicapper’s dream or nightmare for only one group finished with a clear winner and runner-up.

Group A is, as yet, undecided as Reece Kerry (starting on 17) and Kelvin Preville (3) have both scored 4 out of 4, and still have to play each other.

Tony Dorey (24) was third on 2/5, though one of two other players could have caught him.

Group B was the only group that was straightforward with Sam Wallis (21) and Guntars Briedes (15) both finished with 4/5, followed by Jeremy Hitcham (17) with 3.

Wallis qualifies in top spot as he won the tie with Briedes.

Group C caused the most ‘fun’ as Richard Matthews (19), Allan Lewis (22), Garry Wilkinson (17), Ping Wang (24) and Ionel Dumitrache (18) all ended with 3/5.

The first split is based on results between themselves but they each won 2 and lost 2.

With players starting on a handicap it would be unfair to count points so ends won is the next count.

This put Dumitrache through and eliminated Wilkinson, and Matthews had the best record in head to head of the remaining three.

Group D was slightly simpler with Tom Chesworth (21), the holder, winning with 4/4.

Behind him George Wallis (20), Andrew Hay (22) and Hannah Gilbert (22) all had 2/4.

With the head to heads evenly split it also came down to ends won and Hay went through.

The Quarter finals see 1 Kerry or Preville meet Hay; 2 Wallis plays Matthews; 3 Dumitrache v Briedes; and 4 Chesworth v Preville or Kerry.

The winner of tie 1 meets the winner of 2, and 3 plays 4.

Earlier Outsiders and Mine’s a Pint concluded their league match by playing the doubles which Hay and Hitcham won for the latter, but still lost the match by 2 – 3.

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