2017-18 Week 12 Report

The Spalding and District League closed 2017 with the Paddy Palgrave Hard Bat Competition.

This event uses those wooden bats with just a piece of rubber that most players used when young.

Fifteen entries were divided into two groups for a round robin format.

Each game consisted of two ends played under normal rules.

However winners were awarded 3 points, while those winning one end each received one point.

The top four out of each group then went into the knockout phase.

Group A with 8 players was won by Daniel Dorey, the title holder, who got his defence off to a perfect start winning all seven games.

Jean White and John Gilbert tied on 12, both taking 3 wins 3 draws and a loss.

As their game was tied a tie break was used of alternate serves until one had a two point lead which White won 2 – 0.

Jeremy Hitcham was fourth with 2 wins and four draws.

In Group B, with 7 players, Kelvin Preville 5 wins and a draw gave him 16 with Andrew Hay second having scored 12 and Guntars Briedes third on 10.

Fourth place was tied on 7, but the junior qualifier had to go so Garry Wilkinson went through.

In the quarter finals Dorey defeated Wilkinson 11-6 11-6; Gilbert tied with Hay 9-11 11-8 but went through on the tie break 2-0; White tied with Briedes 11-6 9-11 and won through 2-0 while Preville won against Hitcham 11-7 14-12.

In the semi finals Dorey won 11-4 11-3 over Gilbert and Preville defeated White 11-2 11-4.

The final, also played under the same rules, went to Dorey 11-6 11-9, his third final and the first player to retain the title.

Late in the evening Gilbert and Dorey played a game for their league match unfinished in October which the former won for South Holland giving them a 3-0 lead.

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