2017-18 Week 10 Report

It was a quiet week in the Spalding and District League with two matches previously played and one postponed.

However there were still four matches, along with three others being completed.

Most startling of the night was Jokers and Outsiders doubles game from their match in week 3.

With Jokers 4 – 0 ahead and logging up another 5 – 0 win elsewhere it would seem to have been a foregone conclusion.

However Outsiders obviously had other ideas, coming from behind twice to win in five in an amazing game.

The score alone tells it all (Jokers first): 11-5 13-15 14-12 10-12 13-15.

Jokers faced Aches and Pains in their scheduled match, but despite the score were made to fight for their points.

Sasha Martin took one in regulation, but was pushed to four in his other game, Guntars Briedes took one in four and had to come from behind in the other, and the doubles took four ends.

They now have an eleven-point lead at the top, although South Holland and Moulton S E both have games in hand.

Underdogs defeated Outsiders 3 – 2 in yet another match settled by the doubles.

Kelvin Preville scored a double for the winners, but Keith Davey and Adrian Dinvlescu won one each.

Bladerunners closed to within two points of them with their first two wins.

Early in the evening they completed a whitewash over Nets n Edges with the doubles before defeating JDM 3 – 2.

Tom Chesworth was drafted in and once more played very well against more experienced players losing in four and five.

Phil Chandler won both his singles, but the doubles settled matters, though that went to five and a deuce finale.

Outsiders picked up another point in the doubles from their unfinished match against Aches and Pains and have jumped two places in the table.

In Division 2 Chesworth was busy helping drive his team, Pottermus Clarets, further ahead of 200 up with a 4 – 1 win over their rivals.

Both he and Peter Chester won all their singles but a change of pairing meant 200 were too strong in the doubles.

Today (Tues) is Round 1 of the Marylands Cup: JDM v Hurricane Brothers; Moulton S E v Aches n Pains; Pottermus Clarets v Jokers; Underdogs v Outsiders; 20 up v South Holland; Bladerunners v MatDuf; Mine’s a Pint v Castle Sports; Nets n Edges bye.

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