Match Report


Crosby G 1 Princes St F 9
Mini Match Report

Down the coast in Crosby the F team took to the table against Crosby G.

Lining up in this one for the Princes was Gordon “Chopping “ Wood , Frank Proffitt , Sam “Boy wonder “ Davies and ,making an all too rare appearance , club champion Irene Mullan.

Opposing them were Ian Massey , Chitra Balakrishna , Patricia Hyde and Deborah Moore.

This turned out to be a relatively straightforward win for the Princes with everyone winning their singles matches and Frank and Irene combining to good effect to win their doubles. Ian and Chitra teamed up to win Crosby's only point in the first doubles where Gordon and Sam , from being 2 games up somehow managed to lose in 5.

The game of the night was undoubtably Frank's win against the ageless Patricia. This went to 5 games with 3 of them deuce games and Frank finally winning 17-15 in the 5th.

This win propelled the F team to 2nd place .

The boy wonder rushed home to let off his fireworks. POM Gordon Wood was interviewed for Talksport …... “if we aren't careful we might get promoted!”

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