Match Report

Princes St F 5 Crosby H 5.

What a superb match this close encounter produced.

Although it was the first match of the season there was no rustiness from either team - unless you include Brian Holden's hip.

The new Princes lined up with debutant boy wonder Sam Davies and the experience of Frank Pearce , the aforementioned Brian and the ever youthful Dave Williams

In almost complete contrast the Crosby team had a combined age of 13 !! , with Andrew Hawkins , his young son Mark together with Daniel Gresty fresh from his success at the Olympics in Scotland and Louie Cooper .

It was a roller coaster of a match with the new Princes taking an early 2-0 lead thanks to the boy wonder and Dave only to the clawed back by the kindergarten kids.

Crosby were 5-4 up with Brian playing Daniel in the last match and what a match, Brian eventually winning 12-10 in the 5th - so unlucky Daniel.

Not so unlucky was POM Louie Cooper who displayed excellent skill and composure to win both his matches.

All the Princes registered a singles win and Sam and Dave won their doubles.

An all round excellent night and as non playing skipper Dave Mullan commented it was a sell out crowd with some locked out - oh no that was Brian having a ciggie!

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