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Southport B 7 Princes St E 3
Mini Match Report
It was going to be a big night and I was planning to stay up late to watch it unfold.
No , I'm not talking about this match but the US midterm elections and what was hopefully going to be the first step in the demise of President Trump.
In the event the Democrats took the House of Representatives and can now really start poking around in Donald's affairs ( that might take some time ) , so not a bad outcome.
Sadly this match didn't turn out the same way but as with the The Don I will try to put a positive spin on it.
So we saw the return to the Princes of Joe Brolly who is quickly establishing himself as the go to coiffer for the hoi polloi in Southport. Just ask one of his clients Gordon Wood who played up as sub in place of the injued skipper Foss. By common consent Joe knocks 10 years off Gordon every time he has a trim. On that basis Gordon only needs to see Joe 10 more times and he can play for Lancashire juniors.Andy Andrew Armstrong took his usual no2 slot and Derek Aitken who is enjoying a renaissance this season completed the line up.
Against them Southport fielded British League superstar Thomas Ray , Gentleman Jim Irving , Southport league legend Alan Nolan and ,also playing as sub, Dai Davies.
Generally speaking you , I think , make your own luck and unlucky is not a word I like to use in sport but the Princes were really , really unlucky.
A great start by Joe who despite not picking up a bat in 6 months just prevailed against his friend and mentor Dai in 5 closely fought games. This was one of 5 matches to go to 5 and the only one that the Princes won.
Despite this win Southport took a commanding lead with Tom beating Gordon in 4 , Jim beating Derek also in 4 and Alan beating Andy in 5. 3-1 to Southport.
In less time than it took Brett Kavanaugh to deny sexual assault allegations the Princes responded with a couple of wins for Gordon and Derek before normal service was resumed with Alan beating Joe , yes you guessed it in 4.
We then had the game of the evening when Tom took on Andy. Andy was able to fathom out a way to combat and beat Tom's strange bat and took a 2-1 lead after an incredible 16-14 third game. Tom took his frustration out on himself and his bat and this seemed to disconcert Andy. Tom rallied to win the next 2 but was all that shouting of Jooohst ( or whatever it was ) really necessary ? It certainly left me with a headache.
A singles win each for Joe , Derek and Gordon. Andy didn't register a singles win but had played excellently and by common consent had been on the wrong end of some terrible luck with nets and edges.It will surely even itself out over the course of the season but that was of little consolation to Andy on the night.
5-3 to Southport.
Both doubles predictably went to 5 with Southport winning both 11-9 and 14-12 respectively in the final games.
7-3 to Southport.
Anyway , the night eventually ended well and The Don promised "never to call women beaufiful again " so hey everything's ok - right.
Written by:Jim Booth
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