Match Report

Princes St C 5 Crosby C 5

Mini Match Report

I have always been a fan of Star Trek and loved the original series with Captain Kirk , Spock , Scotty , Sulu , Dr Mc Coy etc always battling against the odds and overcoming challenges.

Then along came the Next Generation with the new kids on block of Picard , Worf , Data , Commander Riker , and Geordi with better equipment and more knowledge .

Both were great but who was better ?

And so at the Hall of Happiness we had a true relegation 20 pointer with the established original crew of Princes C v the next Generation of Crosby C

The confident Princes walked into the arena to the tune of Elton John's "Rocket Man " - they were clearly up for this.

The Next Gen countered with "Life on Mars" by Bowie - oh this was going to be good.

The sell out crowd was definately not lacking any atmosphere as they eagerly awaited the commencement of hostilities.

After Ray "Scotty" Hibbs had kindly set up the video camera for the next Gen captain Max Picard ( I thought it was your GCSE project Max not Uncle Ray's ) we were ready to blast off.

Straight from the off the match ebbed and flowed.

Nick had to get off handy to prepare for City's visit to Goodison and played his 3 and offskied. He lost to Josh in a wonderful 5 setter , beat Josiah and with Max lost the doubles to Josh and Ray.

Ray stayed on to beat Felix and then Mick beat Rashad in a superb encounter 14-12 in the 5th. 4-1 to the Princes.

The next Gen weren't done by any means and Felix beat Josiah in an epic 5 setter and then Max took out Mick in 3 straight.

Max hadn't even broken sweat and returned to looking at his social media on "Spacebook" and downloading some music from "Neptunes " - sorry about this !

Josh played supremely well to beat his opposing number 1 Rashad without dropping a game and Max returned to the table to account for Scotty Hibbs.

5-4 to the Princes with just 2nd doubles. Rashad and Felix beat Mick and Josiah to level and produce an entirely fair and fitting result which gives both team a great chance of staying up.

Written by: Jim Booth
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