Match Report

Princes St B 5 Argyle A 5
Mini Match Report

Roger Neal's battlers affectionately known as Dad's Army have started their annual fight against relegation much earlier than normal.

A draw against their illustrious and far higher placed opponents gives them a great boost in their campaign to stay up.

Both teams were at full strength.

2 wins apiece for Barry Crook and Chris Parkes and a doubles win for the visiters were matched by a doubles win by Captain Roger Neal and David Britton , singles wins by Gerard Wilson and Dave with Martyn Coleman going full Steve McQueen ( The Great Escape - gettit?) to win both his singles against Paul Lunan and Mark Jagger 3 straight to produce an incredible comeback.

"Off the bottom !" proclaimed Ged at the final whistle . The opposition looked away embarrassed but his team knew he was taking about the league table - at least let's hope so . As Lance Corporal Jones used to say " They don't like it up 'em"

Written by: Jim Booth
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