Match Report

Argyle B 4 Princes St C 6
Mini Match Report

After the excess of the festivities the C team returned to action and took a massive step in their fight against relegation.

With Josiah off sunning himself down under - oh er - ( we also understand that he was auditioning for a part on Home and Away but has difficulties getting to the away games ) the C team played their Joker in none other than the Wigan Scamperer, Martin Machin. Joining him were C team regulars Josh , Topspin Mick and Uncle Ray.

Continuing the substitute theme Argyle played their own David Fairclough - supersub - Nick Miller, alonside Mike Mc , Angus and Allister.

Nick showed his class by winning both his singles and , much to the chagrain of the Scamperer, the POM prize. With singles wins for Mike Mc and Allister against Ray and Topspin Mick respectively that was as good as it got for the lawn tennis club.

The Princes cleaned up the rest of the points though with singles win for Josh and Uncle Ray , a double for Martin and superb doubles wins , both going to 5 and incredibly the score in the final doubles for Topspin Mick and the Scamperer v the Taylors , sealing the win for the Princes , was 11-13 , 12-10, 11-6 , 11-13 , 11-13.

Great stuff.

Written by: Nick Foss
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