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Princes St B 7 Crosby C 3
Mini Match Report

If ever there was a relegation battle this was it.

Going into this one Crosby were bottom and the Princes were just 1 place and 2 points above them in the table - a real 20 pointer on our hands.

The team news suited the Princes as their regular Dad's Army line up of Roger , Ged , Dave and Martyn was intact ( ish ).

Crosby had their usual youthful line up but were missing their number 1 Rashad . Consequently everyone moved up a slot with Nick , Max and Felix joined by new recruit Dylan.

So a clash of styles , a clash of experience versus youth , a clash to end all clashes - Dad's Army against the Boy's Brigade!

A good start for the Visitors with Nick beating Princes No.1 Roger in 4. Back came the Princes with Dave ,after a very hesitant start, taking out Dylan also in 4.

The Boy's Brigade then pulled a fast one calling on the first doubles and in a close encounter Nick and Max hung on to beat Roger and Dave in 5.

Ged and Martyn were looking concerned or was it just that they were freezing cold from inactivity ?

Anyway they decided to team up in the next match and comfortably took the 2nd doubles. 3-2 to the Princes at half time.

After a quick fag break Dave returned to the table to take on the Boy's Brigade skipper Max.

Max played superbly and raced into a 2-0 lead and then extraordinarily the match completely changed. Dave got to grips with the heavy backspin and Max started missing a couple . Dave somehow got it back to 2-2 . In the 5th Dave prevailed hitting some great winners as Max ran out of steam - perhaps his exploits on his birthday the previous day were catching up with him? Either way a magnificent double for Dave who is still playing despite his broken ankle!

Martyn beat Dylan but lost to Felix.

Roger returned to beat Max .

That leaves the game of the night Ged v Nick - Dad v lad. And what a game.

Ged takes a 2-1 lead and is 10-3 up but remarkably Nick fights back to take the match into a decider. Table tennis of the highest order that wouldn't have looked out of place in division 2. In the 5th Ged clings on to win - just!

I'd like to have seen the argument in the Wilson household the following morning over who got toast or Frosties.

So it ended 7-3 to the Princes .

On this day in 1969 Appollo 12 touched down on the Moon . Ged , an avid historian , was interviewed by Gabby Logan for 5live " this was a small step for our team but a giant step forward against relegation " he said. Err that was the the first Apollo landing I think Ged still we know what you mean

Written by: Nick Foss
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