Match Report

Argyle A 6 Princes St C 4

Mini match report.

"Against all odds " was a terrible record by Phil Collins but aptly sums up this wonderful performance and result from the Princes 3rd string.

Faced with a full strength Argyle side of Barry Crook , Chris Parkes , Mark Jagger and Paul Lunan the Princes were rocked by absences.

Josh was sat at the hospital awaiting the birth of his baby ( "You can't hurry love ") whilst Mick was on Pie eating duty in the Wigan league.

So up stepped Colin Fyles and Ian Lunt fresh out of the 2nd division D team. Particularly admirable of Ian who was off to Tenerife 4 hours later.

They joined Josiah Nix now moved up to play at 1 and Ray Hibbs unhappy at being moved from the comfort of no.4.

Ian had remarkably beaten Paul 3 straight before hot footing it to Manchester airport but with the score standing at 6-1 to Argyle could I really "Feel it coming in the air tonight" ? Well no , not really.

Up stepped Colin to take on Mark. There was no "I missed again " about this performance as Colin displaying patience and skill in abundance won in straght sets.

Uncle Ray beat Paul.

This left the final match of the night and the best game by far. Josiah v Barry.

No - "I can't dance " about this one as snake hips Josiah produced an incredible display to take a 2-1 lead.Despite having match point against him in the 4th Barry came back to level 13-11. Amazing stuff , really great table tennis. Josiah got the result that he deserved taking the 5th to complete a great comeback by the Princes.

Maybe not "Another day in Paradise " but certainly another week out of the relegation zone and this result actually puts more distance between them and some of their relegation rivals.

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