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Mini Match Reports - Princes St C 3 Formby HT A 7 
Argyle A 10 ( ten ) Princes St B 0

After a last minute decision by the league to reopen the Hall of Happiness a predictably modest crowd was in attendance and one of them and half the crowd ( the honourable fixture sec himself ) arrived halfway through the first half.

The story that has gripped the nation for the last few weeks had evidently reached Formby. No dear reader I am not talking about the Bodyguard but the celebrated progress of the newly promoted C team.

You see Formby have one of the league's strongest and biggest squads to chose from and paid our 4 amigos the ultimate respect by packing their team full of talent with Liverpool superstar and all round good guy Paul Gittens leading his troop of Matt Cranny , Ned Hassan and Ted Cramsie.

Opposing them were Josh Taylor , topspin Mick Winder Josiah Nix ( happily recoved from his illness ) - you can keep your kit in the car Nick - and Ray Hibbs.

On the other side of town at a very posh tennis club the regulars of the B team Roger , Ged , Dave Britton and Martyn aka Dad's Army lined up against a powerful Argyle A side. I will refrain from commenting on this game as not only was I not there but the scoreline of 10 nil to Argyle tells you verything you need to know.

What I will say is that the B team's policy of a settled side and retaining the same personnel for the last 20 years or so must surely come into question.

Rumours abounded about failed transfer moves for Chester Barnes , Dennis Neale , Jill Hammersley , Desmond Douglas and Andrew Eden over the summer and all came to nowt. Perhaps the table tennis chickens have come home to roost this season for Dad's Army.

Back to the battling C team.Despite only harvesting 3 points from this fixture this really was a case of what might have been.

Good wins for Ray and Mick over Ned and a superb first win for the Princes for Josiah v Ted should have been added to with a victory in the doubles for Mick and Ray ( 2-0 up to lose in 5 ...AArgh!) and Ray v Ted who again lost in 5.

No matter these were vital points in their struggle to avoid relegation.

It really is looking like the Derby matches of of B v C teams will be decisive in the relegation battle.

Written by:Jim Booth
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