Gunson Handicap List March 2019 Semi-finals

Here is the Individual Handicap List for the semi-finals of the Cup and Plate matches to be played week beginning 18 March 2019. Gunson handicap list 2018-19 semi-final ver 2

As per Rule 30(d), each player in the semi-finals of the Gunson Cup and Plate must have played in at least 6 of the League matches for that team during the current season, unless prior permission is otherwise obtained from the Committee. The document is split into two sections:

  1. a list of those team players who qualify automatically by having played at least 6 League matches for that team
  2. a list of those players in the same or lower teams who have not qualified automatically and for whom permission would be needed from the Management Committee.

You can also download a Gunson score sheet from here: Blank Gunson Handicap Score Sheet

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