Fixture Secretary Post

We will be looking for a new Fixture Secretary from 2017/18, as Les Lord announced at the recent AGM that this season (16/17) will be his last in post. So applications are invited to take over. Please contact our Chairman  Roger Neal in the first instance.  Attached is a brief outline of the job , however this and its finer points can be discussed with Les directly if need be..

Here is a brief summary of the duties

Receive team numbers, their match nights and captains from each club, deadline 31st July.

Organize ‘fixture key’ ensuring teams play on their match nights, avoiding clashes with teams from their own club.

Prepare and organize the printing of the League Handbook.

Receive and maintain clubs Ranking Lists, including amendments through till the 31st December.

Receive all match cards for checking, Players eligibility (TTE paid and number of matches played), correct order as per Ranking List, recording any ‘fines’ incurred.

Attend the AGM ,OGM and committee meetings , giving a Fixture Secretary’s report when required.

Dealing with match postponements if and when they crop up.

Ordering and organizing the distribution of team and individual trophy’s including arranging engraving when required.

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