Anon Cup 1st round draw and results
ANON CUP 1st Round Draw Season 2014-15

Formby TTC "B" v Waddington "D"      6-1
Argyle "D" v Formby H.T. "B"                 2-7
Argyle "B" v Waterloo "A"                       8-2
Southport "E" v Argyle "A"                      1-9
Argyle "H" v Formby TTC "F"                   6-4
Southport "B" v Waddington "B"           0-10
Waddington "A" v Formby H.T. "C         6-4
Waddington "C" v Argyle "C"                  5-5  21-16 on sets
Formby H.T. "D" v Argyle "E                   3-7
N. Meols "A" v Argyle "G"                        9-1
Para's "A" v Waddington "E"                   4-6       
Argyle "F" v Formby TTC "G"                   2-8
Southport "C" v Formby TTC "A"           10-0 W/O
Southport "A" v Southport "D"              8-2
Formby TTC "C" v Formby TTC "H         10-0
Formby TTC "D" v Formby TTC "E"        9-1

ANON CUP 1st Round Draw to be published by 03-10-2014.

ANON CUP 1st Round Matches to be played week commencing 13-10-2014.

Results to be sent to the Fixture Secretary 24-10-2014.

Club Secretaries to inform all Team Captains of this draw.

Rules 33a ,b, & c. Apply. Pay particular attention to 33c. Home team Captains to confirm the match night

with Away Team Captains at least 5 days before match is due to be played.

Enjoy your games. Brian and Gordon.
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