Handbook amendments 2014-15

Page 1, Officers' details: Treasurer's email address has no "." between jeff and cummins

Page 4, Formby TTC Club Details:

Amendments to the captains of Formby TTC C, D, G and H are consolidated in the following corrected entry for Formby TTC, which may be downloaded from here for a single copy, or from here for a page with 8 copies for printing.

Page 5, Waterloo Club Details: The correct punctuation for the venue is "Merchant Taylors' Boys School"

Page 9, Fixture Keys: In Division 3, Formby TTC J (key 12) should be deleted.

                                     In Division 1, key 6 should be Formby TTC C, and key 12 should be Formby TTC B

                                     In Division 2, key 6 should be Formby TTC G, and key 12 should be Formby TTC F

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