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Arrival Instructions
If you arrive prior to the match start time (7.30) then access should be made directly into the gym itself via the fire exit – this will normally be open (unless it is very cold or raining) up until the match starts. This can be found to the left of the entrance described above – if not open please knock on the door and someone will either let you in directly or arrange to let you in via the school entrance.
As entrance through this route is directly onto the playing area, you will not normally be able to gain access in this way after 7.30 pm.
As this is a school, the table tennis club do not have direct control over the access process and if you are expecting to arrive late please ensure that your teammates are aware and inform the home team. This will make it easier to enable access through the school entrance as the buzzer cannot always be heard in the gym and it may not always be possible to have someone waiting at the entrance – in these circumstances please call one of your teammates who can then ask a Crosby official or player to let you in.
Only Dave Graham and Sylvia Graham have the necessary security clearance from the school to open and close the building and they may at any time be playing, umpiring or coaching so may not be able to immediately let you in. Sylvia normally opens the building for matches on Mondays & Tuesdays with Dave opening the building at most other times.
If necessary, you can call them on their mobile numbers as follows and they will try to let you in as soon as they are able
Sylvia – 07769 183521
Dave – 07921 188726
Crosby High School is located at the end of De Villiers Avenue , which is off Little Crosby Road (B5193). Go straight to the end of Devilliers Av. and the entrance is directly in front of you.
All matches are played in the new gym at the back of the school. Please park in the rear car park (i.e. through the main gate and the secondary gate). There is a short walkway between the sports courts and the building which leads to a school entrance. Please note that this is not the main entrance to the school will normally be closed. Although the approach can be dark during the winter, movement will trigger the automatic lights as you walk towards the entrance.
Team Name League Captain
Crosby E Winter 2018-19
Elliot Cooper
Crosby F Winter 2018-19
John Aitchison
Crosby TTC A Winter 2018-19
Sylvia Graham
Crosby TTC B Winter 2018-19
Mark Davies
01704 579727
Crosby TTC C Winter 2018-19
Max Davies
Crosby TTC D Winter 2018-19
Anthony Dixon
07850 776088
Crosby TTC G Winter 2018-19
Jacqui Schober Thomson
Crosby TTC H Winter 2018-19
Andrew Hawkins
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