Rawreth "A" have returned to the top of Division 1 of the Souhend and District Summer League after a 7-2 victory over Hullbridge "B" thanks to an unbeaten performance from Charles Sweeney. Although the player most pleased with his performance during the night would be Andrew Halling, who won both of his singles, including a win over George "ACE" Reeves. Castle Point are in second place after there 8-1 victory over the Sandpaper Boys. Warehouse "A" continue to have good results and this week had Berti Makoli and Kim Shead unbeaten in their 8-1 victory over Hadleigh Forum. The consolation point for Forum was a win for John Tendler over Martin West.

Hockley "A" lead Division 2 after there 6-3 victory over Castle Point "B" thanks in the main to their player/coach Tim Pang who won all of his games. Terry the Taxi won both of his singles games for Canvey "A" but could not prevent his team from losing to Bluehouse, who had Les Hoey unbeaten on the night in the 6-3 victory. Another player to win both of his singles only to finish on the losing team was Phil Digby of Runnymede, but an unbeaten performance in both of his singles and doubles by Neil Daines lead Invicta to a 7-2 victory.

Only one result has been received in Division 3 this week and in that game between Warehouse "B" and RESSC no one remained unbeaten and everyone won at least one game.

Division 4 leaders Wakering have finally lost a game on the table when Dave Booroff of Hullbridge "D" beat Stewart Mills 14-12 in the fifth set. They also lost the game 5-4 as Dave Accleton had to concede all of his games due to bad heat exhaustion. Canvey "C" had a 9-0 win over Hockley "C" although all of the games were played in a good spirit with 7 of the 9 games being decided in the 4th or 5th set.

Chris Jacob
Author: via Southend Table Tennis League
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