National Junior League


Jared Schaller, Olly Kirans, Harry Gavins

v Southampton:

Ollie played some amazing defensive shots in his first match but 0-3 in the end. He convincingly won his next 3-0. Harry won his first match 3-1 but lost his second 0-3 not quite getting into his stride at that point. Jared won both his matches losing  his first game to Ben Poulter to recover a win of 3-1. Jared’s second match against Will

Went to the wire in 5 sets, Jared’s “otherworldly” returns against Will’s power smashes were a sight to behold.

v Weymouth A: 

Proved a tough challenge too: Ollie’s first match against Will Joliffe was very close ultimately Ollie couldn’t quite crack the fourth set, losing 1-3. Ollie’ stunning performance against Ben Hannigan was hard fought for him to win 3-1. Harry also beat Ben in 4 but very unlucky to lose to Ethan Gear in very close 5 setter – 2-3 was the final score. Jared lost his first two games to Will recovering to take the third but Will pulled it out the bag to take a very close match winning it in 4.

v Bournemouth B: 

Were also strong: Both Harry & Jared won both their matches was a cracking result; Ollie had a tough one against Ben Kinch losing narrowly in 5 – it was the best match of this draw for sheer entertainment. Ollie finished with a convincing win over Ian Tipsana in 3 straight sets.

v Weymouth B: 

Fielded some solid defensive play but were ultimately overcome by our dominance overall. We won 6-0 in the end.

v Bournemouth A: 

Were always going to be tricky. Jared narrowly lost out to Matt Stanfield in 4 sets - there were firecracking shots from both players; it was a very enjoyable match to watch. Harry also had a close match against Matt losing 1-3 but won against Jack Trafford

3-1. Ollie put up a good fight but lost out against the formidable Kai Major 0-3 but won his match against Jack in straight sets. Arguably the most anticipated match of the day was Jared against Kai. Jared lost the first two sets 10-12, 11-13 but won the next two with some impressive returns of play. The deciding fifth set was a real nail biter, Jared losing out 9-11 in the end.


All in all, we can hold our heads high -  we came second to Bournemouth A with 20 sets wins against their 25.

Well done lads, great effort today.

Steve Sanderson

Captain, Winchester Junior League   

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