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With grateful thanks in advance to Ian Saxby (Brixham TTC), I am forwarding information (including an example scorecard) put together by Ian regarding a Summer League.

As you can see from his email, if there is sufficient interest, Ian is thinking of running a SL for about 8 weeks probably during July and August.

If you and your Club are keen to play some competitive but more relaxed games of table tennis over this Summer, please could you let Ian Saxby know by 31st May.

His email address is

I do hope there is sufficient interest from members for this positive development to be a success.

Many thanks and best wishes

Geoff R

General Secretary/Chairman


Hi all


Now that the season is over our thoughts turn to other things . . . or do they??


A proposal has been made to run a summer league, so that those that want to continue playing are able to.


The format proposed is one that has been used successfully in a different league and is based on a handicap system.


  • Players are handicapped according to their playing ability.
  • Each game is handicapped.
  • The weaker player will have a start, the stronger player must attempt to catch up over 4 ends.


An example should help:


Player A has a handicap of 40

Player X has a handicap of 20


The difference is 20, therefore player A must make up the 20 points over 4 ends, meaning they need to win each end 11 - 6 on average (gaining 5 points an end).  It is the final score across the 4 ends that counts, so the scores could be 11-9, 11-7, 11- 2, 11-4 and player A would win (Player A got 44 points, Player X got 42 (9+7+2+4+20 (the handicap)).


An example scoresheet is attached.


This means players from all divisions can play, and even play in the same team.  As the matches would take place during the summer when many will be contemplating a well earned holiday the normal registration requirements would be relaxed, allowing any team that needs an extra player to use a player from a different team/club as the need arises.  Different clubs are welcome to make up a team or teams if a club has only one or two players that are interested in playing.


The summer league would probably run from the end of June/start of July and last about 8 weeks - depending on number of teams etc.


I would be grateful if you could let me know if there is likely to be any interest from you and your club in entering the summer league, if so could you please give me an indication of number of teams you think you would be able to enter.  You would need to ensure you have a venue available.


Many thanks


Ian Saxby

scoresheet example.pdf

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