ROUND 2,  Torbay Leisure Centre, Thursday 10th December 2015

Division One - Results

    Kevin Nicholls        lost to        Patrik Cincala       8-11      5-11      11-9      8-11  
Kevin NichollsbeatChris Dunn11-411-711-6
Patrik CincalabeatSimon Furgol11-96-118-1111-6   11-3  
Simon Furgollost toKevin Nicholls3-1113-1110-125-11
Chris Dunnlost toPatrik Cincala2-113-1111-94-11
Simon Furgol lost toChris Dunn11-87-115-117-11

Kelvin Cheung did not play - wins awarded to his opponent

   Pos      Player      Won      Lost      Points  
1stPatrik Cincala4028
2nd   Kevin Nicholls   3121
3rdChris Dunn2214
4thSimon Furgol137
5thKelvin Cheung040

Division Two - Results

Ed Thompson   lost to      Mick Atkinson   4-1110-124-11
Mick Mercerlost toAdam Shipway   11-5      11-9      5-11      7-11      2-11  
Ed Thompsonlost toAdam Shipway8-1111-912-107-114-11
   Mick Atkinson   lost toMick Mercer6-119-116-11
Mick Mercer lost toEd Thompson8-115-1111-211-77-11
Mick Atkinsonlost toAdam Shipway11-911-139-1111-85-11

Mark Smith did not play - wins awarded to his opponent

   Pos      Player      Won      Lost      Points  
1st   Adam Shipway   4024
2ndMick Mercer2212
3rdMick Atkinson2212
4thEd Thompson2212
5thMark Smith040

Division Three - Results

Jim McIvorbeatAlan Maynard11-611-811-8
   Geoff Beavington      lost to   Keith Hawkins4-1112-145-11
Jim McIvorlost toRod Sugden6-118-118-11
Alan Maynardlost toKeith Hawkins7-117-118-11
Geoff Beavingtonlost toRod Sugden   6-11      7-11      11-3      15-17  
Keith Hawkinslost toJim McIvor11-812-146-1113-15
Rod Sugdenlost toAlan Maynard9-115-117-11
Jim McIvorbeat   Geoff Beavington   14-1213-1111-9
Keith Hawkinslost toRod Sugden5-115-116-11
Alan MaynardbeatGeoff BeavingtonRetired Hurt

   Pos      Player      Won      Lost      Points  
1stRod Sugden3115
2ndJim McIvor3115
3rdKeith Hawkins2210
4thAlan Maynard2210
5th   Geoff Beavington   040

Division Four - Results

Geoff Read   lost to      Dan Webster-Hall   12-109-117-118-11
Dave FriendBeatCharlie Usher   11-5      11-6      6-11      7-11      13-11  
   Dan Webster-Hall   BeatCharlie Usher10-1211-87-1112-1011-4
Charlie Usherlost toGeoff Read11-711-68-118-118-11
Geoff Readlost toDave Friend11-69-118-1111-515-17
Dan Webster-HallbeatDave Friend11-411-711-8

Holly Johns did not play - wins awarded to her opponents

   Pos      Player      Won      Lost      Points  
1st   Dan Webster-Hall   4016
2ndDave Friend3112
3rdGeoff Read228
4thCharlie Usher134
5thHolly Johns040

Division Five - Results

   Doug Morgan   beatJoe Holmes9-1113-1111-511-8
Mark Halse   lost to   Stuart Shipley   9-11      12-10      11-7      9-11      4-11  
Doug Morganlost to   Nick Williamson   10-129-115-11
Joe Holmeslost toStuart Shipley6-1111-95-117-11
Mark Halselost toNick Williamson1-114-115-11
Stuart ShipleybeatDoug Morgan11-913-1111-8
Nick WilliamsonbeatJoe Holmes12-141-1111-511-711-6
Doug MorganbeatMark Halse11-411-911-9
Stuart Shipleylost toNick Williamson11-89-1110-128-11
Joe Holmeslost toMark Halse11-139-119-11
   Pos      Player      Won      Lost      Points  
1st   Nick Williamson   4012
2ndStuart Shipley319
3rdDoug Morgan226
4thMark Halse133
5thJoe Holmes040

Division Six - Results

   Gareth Gilpin   beatNick Shipley11-812-1011-4
Gareth Gilpinbeat   Archer Snow   11-711-612-10
Harry Usher   lost to   Archer Snow   13-11      1-11      4-11      11-7      16-18  
Archer Snowlost toNick Shipley11-137-1111-97-11
Gareth GilpinbeatHarry Usher11-911-111-2
Nick ShipleybeatHarry Usher12-1011-411-8

Bernard Bretagne did not play - wins awarded to opponents

   Pos      Player      Won      Lost      Points  
1stGareth Gilpin408
2ndNick Shipley316
3rdArcher Snow224
4thHarry Usher132
5th   Bernard Bretagne   040

Division Seven - Results

Tom Andrews   lost to      Bradley Hilton   16-1410-126-118-11
Rob BaylissbeatKevin Andrews11-911-614-12
Tom Andrewslost toJames Duckett   11-9      13-11      3-11      10-12      15-17  
   Bradley Hilton   beatKevin Andrews13-1111-811-6
Rob Baylisslost toJames Duckett12-1011-310-129-118-11
Kevin Andrews lost toTom Andrews10-128-116-11
James DuckettbeatBradley Hilton9-116-1111-715-1311-9
Tom AndrewsbeatRob Bayliss11-411-212-10
Kevin AndrewsbeatJames Duckett11-81-1112-1012-10
Bradley HiltonbeatRob Bayliss11-411-611-3

   Pos      Player      Won      Lost      Points  
1stJames Duckett313
2ndBradley Hilton313
3rdTom Andrews222
4thRob Bayliss131
5th   Kevin Andrews   131

   Ranking      Player      Round 1      Round 2      Total  
1Patrik Cincala282856
2Kevin Nicholls142135
3Chris Dunn181432
4Adam Shipway72431
5   Dan Webster-Hall   121628
6Ed Thompson151227
7Alan Maynard161026
8Simon Furgol18725
9Mick Atkinson121224
10Kelvin Cheung21X21
11Dave Friend91221
12Rod Sugden61521
13Jim McIvor61521
14Keith Hawkins101020
15Nick Williamson41216
16Mark Smith15X15
17Stuart Shipley6915
18Geoff Read5813
19Geoff Beavington12012
20Charlie Usher8412
21Mick Mercer01212
22Nick Shipley4610
23Mark Halse639
24Joe Holmes808
25Gareth GilpinX88
26Archer Snow347
27Harry Usher426
28Doug Morgan066
29Holly Johns5X5
30Bernard Bretagne3X3
31Bradley Hilton033
32Rob Bayliss213
33James Duckett033
34Kevin Andrews112
35Tom AndrewsX22

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