Chairmans message

‘It looks unlikely that Table Tennis will be able to resume anytime soon unfortunately.

Whilst we await further information and guidance from the Government and TTE, the Committee are considering options as to how we may conclude the 2019 / 2020 season and what our next season will potentially look like. I think we may be fortunate to be able to resume this side of Christmas and don’t think the new season will commence until 2021, although hopefully I may be proved wrong.

Obviously final decisions will depend on dates when venue’s will be able to open and further advice from the powers that be but hopefully we may have some options in mind so we may move quickly when we know.

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our members is paramount and I fully appreciate that some of our more senior members, myself included, may be reluctant to resume even when we are permitted to. 

This is their prerogative and no one should blame them for their concerns, after all it’s only a game and some things in life are far more important.

Rest assured as a responsible Committee we will not do anything without following, to the letter, advice from the Government and TTE to ensure the safety of our players. 

I have received enquiries from some members as to the current situation and what if anything the Committee is currently considering?

Hopefully the above will go someway to answering these questions but we will just have to be patient until the restrictions are further relaxed and we are given the go ahead to resume. 

In the meantime I hope you all keep well and stay safe.’

George Breyley


Author: via South Devon and Torbay Table Tennis League
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