Press Report 18th Feb

Apologies i am in Spain and have poor internet connection so report this week a little different!


Just a couple of matches in the first division. NA Batmen, back to full strength with Shaun Gibbs returning, made light work of defeating Halwell 10-0 and reclaim the runners up spot. Gibbs along with his father Dennis & Naomi Jackson were rarely troubled by the Halwell side.

Daniel Barnett has yet to lose since his transfer to Torbay Academy 2, he was again unbeaten as the Academy side defeated Brixham Gulls 8-2, Mark Smith picking up the two points for the Gulls.

The Second Division was also quiet this week. Struggling NA Hawks pulled off a whitewash victory over Torbay Academy 4. David Doxsey, Alan Tyrrell and Doug Morgan having to fight all the way in a marathon match, but winning the critical points in all the sets, for the Hawks. 

In an all Brixham clash the Seals defeated the Trawlers 8-2, Bob Parkins & Stuart Shipley with maximums for the Seals. 

Division 3 runaway leaders Denbury Tykes had another whitewash win, the latest against Torre Tigers. Marldon Tykes and Brixham Dolphins played each other twice this week, Man of the match in both encounters, Steve Metcalfe, led his side to 9-1 & 8-2 victories. A Jim Saunders maximum helped Dawlish Diamonds to a narrow 6-4 victory over the Hasbeens. Torbay Academy 5 picked up a rare victory as they defeated NA Kestrels 6-4 thanks to an Elsa Perry maximum.

NA Owls are back on the top of the fourth division following two 9-1 victories over Dawlish Dodgers and Brixham Swifts, Rob Bayliss and Travis Graham were unbeaten in both matches.  Peter Sercombe was again unbeaten as his NA Vultures team shared the points with Torres R Us. Finally, in an all Newton Abbot encounter the Kites let a 4-0 lead slip and had to be satisfied with a draw as the Ospreys youngsters fought back. Richard Salt with a maximum for the Kites.


Division One

NA Batmen 10 (S Gibbs 3, D Gibbs 3, Jackson 3, Dbls) Halwell 0 (Sugden 0, Atkinson 0, Wadling 0)

Brixham Gulls 2 (Smith 2, Mercer 0, Dunn 0) Torbay Academy (2) 8 (Barnett 3, Webster-Hall 2, Hernandez 2, Dbls)

Division Two

NA Hawks 10 (Doxsey 3, Tyrrell 3, Morgan 3, Dbls) Torbay Academy (4) 0 (Hoare 0, Cooper 0, Roswell 0)

Brixham Trawlers 2 (Williamson 1, Pack 0, Maynard 0, Dbls) Brixham Seals 8 (Parkins 3, Shipley 3, Avery 2)

Division Three

Denbury Tykes 10 (Hine 3, H Darch 3, P Darch 3, Dbls) Torre Tigers 0 (Burridge 0, Neafcy 0, Ryan 0)
Marldon Tykes 9 (Metcalfe 3, Garner 3, Ayling 2, Dbls) Brixham Dolphins 1 (Williams 1, Holmes 0, Byng 0)
Brixham Dolphins 2 (Stead 1, Meah 0, Holmes 0, Dbls) Marldon Tykes 8 (Metcalfe 3, Ayling 3, Garner 2)
Hasbeens 4 (Wickens 2, Fitzgerald 1, Coxhead 1) Dawlish Diamonds 6 (Saunders 3, Charlesworth 2, Copley 0, Dbls)

NA Kestrels 4 (Tarjan 1, Stratton 1, Williams 1, Dbls 1) Torbay Academy (5) 6 (Perry 3, Collins 2, Gibbs 1)

Division Four

Dawlish Dodgers 1 (Tudball 1, Miles 0, Tee 0) NA Owls 9 (Graham 3, Rob Bayliss 3, D Bayliss 2, Dbls)
NA Vultures 5 (Sercombe 3, Bowden 2, Guy 0) Torres R Us 5 (Davies 2, Keywood 1, Morris 1, Dbls)
NA Owls 9 (Graham 3, Rob Bayliss 3, D Bayliss 2, Dbls) Brixham Swifts 1 (White 1, Brown 0, Atkinson 0)
NA Ospreys 5 (Hiles 2, B Pead 1, O Pead 1, Dbls) NA Kites 5 (R Salt 3, Short 1, Baxter 1) 
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