Press Report Sunday 1st Dec 2013

The Robert Excell Photography-sponsored South Devon & Torbay Table Tennis League


Only 2 league results this week with the first round of the team Handicap Cup taking precedence.  Neither had an impact at the top of the tables which seems odd when one match involved the Batmen!  Their 8-2 win at Halwell closes the gap at the top of Division 1 but still leaves them 7 points behind the leaders Brixham Sharks.  Dave Wadling beat Iain Dummett and with Mick Atkinson took the final doubles to get Halwell’s 2 points.  Shaun Gibbs played his first match of the season for the Batmen and came away with a maximum as did Dad, Dennis.

Despite losing 6-4 to Brixham Pirates Torre 21 Up’s 4 points lifted them off the bottom of Division 2, Sam Jones had a fine maximum for the Pirates and reserve Ben Deakin was unlucky to come away without a win.

There were several close encounters in the Handicap Cup Competition.  Taverners could not beat Martin Charlesworth but their team effort was enough to squeeze past Dawlish Dynamos 5-3.  Marldon Badgers were 3-1 down against Brixham Dolphins, but it went downhill then for the Dolphins as they failed to win another set going down 6-3.  Brixham Swallows had played Bishops Academicals the previous week in the league and the cup match almost mirrored the league match. When Andy Millman defeated Doug Morgan 15-13 in the fifth and Chris Meah saw off Mike Coxhead to get the match score back to 3-3 it could’ve gone either way.  But Doug dug in and beat Oliver Slocombe in 5 and the dependable Andy Tyrrell, with yet another maximum, completed the 5-3 win for the Bishops.

A new competition over four weeks of the season, the Singles Super League, kicks off in a week’s time.  An exciting new formula introduced by Brixham Table Tennis Club and supported by the League, this is an individual event where players of similar abilities play in leagues of 5 players with promotion and relegation taking place at the end of each session.  Check out details on the Website and get your entries in by Friday 6th December.



Div 1

Halwell 2  (Wadling 1, Atkinson 0, Sugden 0, Dbls)  Batmen 8 (D Gibbs 3, S Gibbs 3, I Dummett 2)


Div 2

Torre 21 Up  4 (Heathcote 2, Excell 1, Lush 1)  Brixham Pirates 6 (Jones 3, Haggerty 2, Deakin 0, Dbls)


Challenge Cup Team Handicap

Taverners 5 (Read 2, Tyrrell 2, Harrop 1)  Dawlish Dynamos 3 (Charlesworth 2, Beck 1, Bretagne 0)

Brixham Sharks conceded to Brixham Rebels

Marldon Badgers 6 (M Hern 3, Warwick 2, Smith 1)  Brixham Dolphins 3 (Gilpin 1, N Shipley 1, S Shipley 1)

Brixham Swallows 3 (Millman 1, Slocombe 1, Meah 1)  Bishops Academicals  5 (Tyrrell 3, Morgan 2, Coxhead 0)

No league tables this week as there were only a couple of games played in the league

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