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Dear Member,

Under current GDPR regulations we need your permission to contact you regarding any league matters.

If you would like to be informed about any changes, updates or news about South & West Middlesex Table Tennis League please do as following:

1) Log-in to your TT England portal

2) Click on "My Account" - "My Profile"

3) Click on "Update my Information"

4) Click on tab "My Data" choose "My Leagues and Clubs"

- Under South & West Middx League - Change Access to: Contact Details or Full (according to your preference) and press CONFIRM button

What are the access levels and what do they mean?

Access levels are as follows:

1.     Basic: Access to Membership Number, Full Name, AgeGroup and Gender.  This is the default state when a new member is added to your league.  A member at this level will work with League Manager and Ranking modules fine.

2.     Contact Only: Everything that basic gives with the addition of Home, Mobile, Work, Email1 and Email2.

3.     Full Record: Their entire record, which will have Address and DOB.


5) Click again on tab "My Data" choose "Privacy"

- From the short list please select AT LEAST choices as per the following example:

TT365 Public Websites
Home Telephone 
Work Telephone
If you would like to grant higher access to your contact details, please adjust your selection accordingly. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter. 



Best Regards


George Miljanic

General Secretary

South and West Middlesex Table Tennis League

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South and West Middlesex Table Tennis League is a table tennis league affiliated to Table Tennis 365 (England).

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George Miljanic (TT365 Webmaster ,General Secretary)

07774190177 (m)