The League shall be known as the "South and West Middlesex Table Tennis League".



Application for membership shall be open to all clubs whose playing conditions are suitable for match play at the discretion of the committee.

(see no18)



To conduct annual competitions between affiliated clubs and players, to arrange and conduct annual individual championships, to assist and encourage the formation of table tennis clubs/sections and to promote the game of table tennis in all ways.



The League and all the member clubs shall be affiliated to the ETTA and the MTTA whose rules and playing regulations shall be adopted.



An annual subscription determined by the Management Committee, including any appropriate fees levied on the League by the governing bodies, shall be payable by each team.  These fees will include entrance to team cup competitions. 

The form for entry of teams must be returned to the Secretary by the date shown and must be accompanied by team entry fees; any entry not accompanied by fees will not be accepted.  All other monies must be paid to the Treasurer before or at the Handbook Meeting.



The League shall have a President(s) who shall be elected annually by the AGM.



(a) The Officers of the League shall be:- Chair;  Vice-Chair;  Treasurer;  General Secretary;  Results and Registration Secretary(s);  Representative Match Co-ordinator;  Coaching Co-ordinator, Publicity & Development Officer.

(b) The Officers shall be elected annually at the AGM and shall be eligible for re-election.  An Officer may hold more than one post.



(a) The affairs and finance of the League shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the Officers and up to six additional members who shall be elected annually at the AGM.

(b) A quorum shall comprise 50% of the committee members plus 1.

(c) The Executive Committee shall be empowered to co-opt additional members, with vote, if it should be deemed expedient.



(a) The AG M shall be held within six weeks of the end of the League Financial Year and at least four weeks notice shall be given.

(b) The Executive Committee, together with President (s), and Auditors shall be elected annually at the AGM.

(c) Each affiliated club must be represented at the AGM and may send two nominated representatives who will each be entitled to vote.  Clubs not represented will be fined £5.00.

(d) The Rules shall be altered only at an Annual or Special General Meeting.   Proposals for alterations must be sent in writing to the General Secretary by 1st May in the current administrative year. Proposals received will be circulated to all clubs 4 weeks prior to the meeting.  Amendments or counter proposals must be received in writing by the General Secretary at least one week before the meeting.



(a) A Special General Meeting may be convened on a resolution of the Executive Committee, or

(b) On receipt by the General Secretary of a written demand signed by authorised representatives of one-third of the member clubs.

(c) At least seven days' notice of such a special meeting shall be given to all clubs.

(d) Each club will be entitled to send two nominated members empowered to vote.

(e) A Special General Meeting shall have the same powers as an AGM and clubs not represented shall be fined £5.00.



A Handbook Meeting will be held at least one week prior to the start of each season.  Clubs not represented at this meeting will be fined £5.00 plus postage and packaging.



(a) The League Treasurer shall be required to maintain an accurate account of all League income and expenditure and to produce these accounts to the Hon. Auditor(s) at the conclusion of each season.

(b) The Financial Year of the League shall end on 31st May.

(c) The audited accounts are to be produced to the AGM.

(d) Monies pertaining to the League shall be banked in the name of the League.

(e) The signatures of any two of the Officers shall be necessary to effect withdrawals.



The honour of Life Membership and Vice Presidency may be conferred for distinguished service to the League and may be approved only at an AGM following nomination by the Executive Committee. 



A club shall be deemed responsible for the safekeeping of all trophies won by its representatives, subject to the signing of an adequate undertaking for safekeeping and prompt return.



In the event of dissolution of the South and West Middlesex Table Tennis League, a Committee of Liquidation, composed of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary (at the time), shall be automatically appointed to realise the assets of the League and, after all debts are settled, and expenses paid, the remainder shall be divided for distribution to all affiliated clubs proportionate to the number of teams which have been in continuous membership of the League for the preceding three seasons.



Any breach of the Rules must be reported to the General Secretary in writing who must bring such complaints before the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall have the power to warn or fine any club, team or individual guilty of such a breach, or deprive the offending club or team of points.  Continued default or flagrant disregard of the Rules may result in suspension or expulsion from the League.




To be eligible for representative matches, players must have played in at least 30% of their registered team’s league matches at the time of selection.  Matches played for a higher team will count. The Executive Committee may waive this qualification in exceptional circumstances.



(a) All team and player registrations will be vetted by the Committee.

(b) A team must possess a table complying with the ETTA regulations and must also have reasonable lighting and safe playing area.


Roving Team(s)

Roving teams, e.g. a team without premises, may be accepted at the discretion of the Committee.  New teams from beyond the normal geographical limits of the League may be required to rove on request of their opponents.

If there is more than 1 roving team in a division, the “home” team will be responsible for arranging premises where the match will be played. The opposing team and the Results and Registration Secretary must be notified of the arrangements for playing the match. The match must be played within 2 weeks of the scheduled date in the handbook.



All new clubs applying to join the League may be required to play a representative team from the League to assess their standard.



(a) All players must be registered members of the League and comply with any ETTA Individual Player Registration regulations.  The closing date for registrations shall be the 31st January except at the discretion of the Committee.

(b) Only registered players of the League will be permitted to take part in League or Cup competitions, representative matches and the Individual Championships.

(c) A player will not be deemed to be registered until the required registration fee and details have been received and acknowledged by the appropriate Results and Registrations Secretary.  Each player will receive a copy of the current handbook.

(d) No player may register for more than one club.

(e) The Executive Committee reserves the right to refuse any registration.



(a) Clubs must register at least four players for each team entered.

(b) Players may only represent the team for which they are registered or a higher ranked team in the same club.

(c) If a player plays four league matches for a higher team or teams, he will remain in his team that has been initially registered for, for the rest of the season.



All teams will play in Division 1, season 2016/17.  



(a) Matches will be played according to the fixture list printed in the handbook.

(b) Each team entering the League (except for roving teams) will specify their home night and starting time for inclusion in the handbook.  Home matches will be played on this nominated night and time except as provided for in Rule 22(m).

(c) A Saturday or Sunday is not an acceptable home night.  However, where teams are made up solely of juniors alternative arrangements may be made by mutual consent and at the discretion of the committee.

(d) Matches shall commence no later than 7.30pm.

(e) Before commencing the match, the home team captain will write their playing order on a match score card which will then be passed to the opposing captain.

(f)  Matches will be played in the sequence printed on the score card, with the doubles played in 4th position unless agreed otherwise.

(g) Should a player not be present when one of his/her sets is due to be played, according to the order on the match card, it will be deemed to be conceded and the next set commenced, unless a change in the order of play has been mutually agreed between the captains.

(h) Each player will play each of the opposing players one set.  Two players from each team will play doubles making a total of 10 sets.  A set shall consist of five games.  All sets must be played.

(j) One point will be awarded for each set making a total of 10 points.

(k) In all matches each participating team shall provide umpires whose decisions are final.

(l) In all League competitions players will be expected to dress in accordance with the ETTA regulations.

(n) A roving team must contact its opponents at least 7 days prior to  their "home" match to arrange a night.

(o) Approved balls of *** quality or better must be used for all matches A new plastic ball became compulsory as from 1st July 2015.

(p) The home team will be expected to provide refreshments for their opponents.  Roving teams will be responsible for the cost of any premises and refreshments and for the provision of balls for their "home" matches.



Home team captains will provide a duly completed scorecard, which both captains will sign. Cards must be posted or sent electronically to the Results Secretary within 24 hours of the match. A penalty of £5.00 may be levied for cards not received in time.



(a)   Teams must fulfil their matches according to the fixture list except in the following circumstances:-

(i)       if teams mutually agree to play a match before the date shown.



(c) A conceded or otherwise unplayed match renders the defaulting team liable to a fine of £10.00.  The team not at fault may claim travelling expenses up to £10 on application to the committee.  



The position of each team in the League Tables shall be decided by the number of points won.  In the event of a tie the positions will be decided by set average.



In the event of any question arising which is not covered by these rules or any dispute as to the interpretation thereof, the decision of the Executive Committee will be final and binding.


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