Quarter-Finals - To be played week commencing on: 18th February 2019 (first drawn team is a home team)

    Pair X:  Oaks B v Twickenham B...5-1

    Pair Y:   Twickenham A v Oaks A...2-5

    Pair Q:  Gun-Triangle C v Oaks C...Bye

    Pair Z:   Ashford A v Gun-Triangle B...0-5


    Semi Finals – To be played week commencing on: 18th March 2019

    Monday 18th March:  

    Oaks B  v  GunTriangle B...6-2

    Thursday 21st March: 

     Oaks A  v  GunTriangle C... 0-5

    FINAL - 25th April 2019

    OAKS B   v   GUN-TRIANGLE C...5-1


    Winners: OAKS B





    All teams will be automatically entered into all relevant cup competitions.

    The main draw for each competition will be sent out to Team Captains.

    The format for all Cup competitions will be designated annually by the Executive Committee to suit the current needs of the League.

    Players participating in any cup competition must have played in the relevant number of required league matches in the current season by the scheduled week of play. The number of required league matches is 1 (ONE). 

    Players may play for only one team in any cup competition.

    Captains must present the list with names of their players and the order of play at the same time.


    Arranging Matches

    ALL cup matches MUST be played during the week scheduled or earlier and the Home team MUST contact the Away team at least seven days in advance to confirm the fixture.  If the "Home" team changes their normal home night, due to 2/3 club teams drawn at home at the same time, or venue they must contact their opponents and give details of the match night and venue etc. at least seven days prior to the match. 



    (a) Postponements will NOT be allowed except under extenuating circumstances, at the discretion of the Cup Competitions Secretary.

    Any match not claimed or conceded, for which a postponement has not been allowed, will be declared void.

    (b) Application for postponement due to extenuating circumstances must be made to the Cup Competitions Secretary no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled match night.

    (c) A conceded or otherwise unplayed match renders the defaulting team liable to a fine of £10.00.  The team not at fault may claim travelling expenses up to £10 on application to the committee.


    Handicap Cup Competition



    The Handicap Cup Competition will be a handicap knock-out competition.

    1.                 Qualification. One league match at time of draw.

    2.                 There will be no cancellation, if you cannot play the tie then you will have to      


    3.                 Home team to confirm with away team of match date.

    4.                 Teams shall consist of three players who must have played in at least 1 league match in the

                        current season. Names of team players must be written on the scorecard simultaneously by both                       team captains.

    5.                 A match will consist of a total of nine sets of singles.  The first team to win five sets wins the

                        match. All matches must be played in order as listed on the scorecard.

    6.                 A set will comprise five games (all five must be played).  A game will cease when the first

                       player reaches 11 points.  Two clear points are not required. i.e. No deuce played.

    7.                 Each player will have a handicap which will be added, after the 5 games have been played, to

                       his/her final TOTAL score in the set.

    8.                The winning player will be the one with the highest points score in the set, after adding the

                       handicaps. This means that a player having won 3 games has not necessary won the set.

    9.                A list of handicaps is available on the league website (see "Gallery"). Handicaps may be

                      changed at any time at the discretion of the Committee.

    10.            In the event of a game where the scores are tied after the handicaps have been added, the

                     player with the highest handicap will be declared the winner.

    11.            A player may only play for one club team. Once that team has been eliminated, the player

                      cannot play for another club team.


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