Coaching and sparring partners wanted

Table Tennis Clubs in Somerset, particularly the Bridgwater Junior TTC, are keen to engage more adult players to come along from time to time and spar with the youth players.

There are lots of promising young players in Somerset but there are too few adults helping out. Somerset has a rich history of table tennis but many of the volunteers who helped run the clubs and the teams have had to step down over the last few years as they got too old to carry on. This has meant fewer volunteers having to do a lot more and the net result is our keen young players don't get the level of support anyone would ideally like.

If just a few of the adults who play in the leagues would offer to spend a few evenings sparring with these kids not only would it take the pressure off those currently coaching them but the kids would improve from the variation of playing partners and the adults themselves would benefit. Many of these kids are very good and they're getting better all the time!  

It's also important to remember that these youngsters are the future of our leagues and without them the leagues will just fizzle out. 

The BJTTC takes place on Wednesday evenings at Chilton Trinity School from 7pm to 9pm. Email if you'd like to know more.



Author: via Somerset County Table Tennis Association
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